9 expert hacks to do up your home the right way

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Many of us believe that once the house is constructed & the job of the architect team is over, the tricky part is done, and when setting up the home nothing can go wrong. After all, it is only the personal taste that counts and in the end it is just US who have to feel good in our own place. Although this is true to some extent, there are some furnishing & decor blunders that make for a disagreeable overall picture and undo our hard work. The good news is that any such distasteful result can be easily avoided, and that is exactly what this homify article talks about.

Join us as we walk you through 9 such essential things that any interior designer would advise you, to have aesthetically sound & practical home spaces. Take a peek!

1. All furniture by the wall.

If the room is low on dimensions, we often try to save space by placing all furniture as close to the wall as possible. Interior designers, however, advise against this, because the resulting overall picture is anything but comfy & inviting. A better idea is to experiment a bit with 90° angles or to move furniture away from the wall in a different way.

2. Heavy & dark curtains.

Particularly in small rooms, rooms with low ceilings or with small windows, heavy & dark colored curtains are a BIG no no, because they hamper the spatial effect. Better alternatives are the light, bright-hued variants that let light through and open the room visually.

3. No curtains at all!

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No curtains at all is simply not done, if you ask interior decorators. The absence of curtains makes the home cold, unfinished and uncomfortable. Another important thing is privacy which may be compromised if there are no curtains & the windows are street-facing. Some exceptions are modern homes with expansive window fronts that open towards the garden or in natural surroundings from where outsiders cannot peep in.

4. Focus on the TV.

Admittedly, in most of the living rooms the TV is, in some way or the other, the focal point. However, for sheer aesthetic reasons, you should not make it the center of attention; the boxes, receivers, cables, etc. can conveniently be integrated as inconspicuously as possible into the room design.

5. Insufficient textiles & upholstery.

Not only the curtains, but also the carpets, rugs, pillows, cushions, blankets, etc. are quite significant in creating a snug, cozy ambiance in the room. You need not go overboard, but it simply does not work without the soft & cuddly accessories!

6. Very small sized carpets.

When selecting carpets, you should always ensure that the size is well suited to the room as well as the furniture housed in it. Nothing is more disagreeable and unsightly than odd-sized carpets sitting on the floor.

7. Extra-large furniture.

While being mindful of proportion of the different furnishing elements, it is extremely significant to make sure that the furniture is adapted to the size of the room. If the furniture is too big & cumbersome, the visual aspect totally goes out of balance and the room does not feel comfy & harmonious anymore.

8. Mixing styles sans thought.

In order to have an eclectic, fetching space, a well-tuned mix of styles is required. A properly thought out style-mix seems much more alive, more individual & more authentic. Randomly throwing together the elements & design ideas from different eras, styles, forms, colors, materials, etc. creates nothing barring a chaotic mess that is simply inconsistent & distasteful.

9. The look of lifeless unity.

Just as an unplanned merger of different styles, forms, hues & materials does not work, the unified plainness is a no show as well-  employing the unified look with regard to tonality, materials, surface structures and style is not very desirable, because it does not recognize any personal touches and completely lacks cozy comfort. A smart pop of vibrancy- be it with patterns, decor elements or lighting- and a tasteful usage of different shades of the same color are some great options to add oodles of poise in a simplistic manner.

Do you have any more up your sleeve? Share with us in comments!

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