20 cool houses with a flat roof design

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Ask any architect and they'll tell you that hardly any other type of architecture is as timeless and modern as that of flat roof houses. It should come as no wonder, then, that these are experiencing a serious comeback right now! Regardless of how new or modern a house is, there is a good chance that it will be topped off with a flat roof now, but if you can't picture how great they look, we have ALL the pictures to prove it to you, right here! By the end of this article, you'll be desperate for a flat roof house, we can almost guarantee that!

Don't go thinking that modern houses with flat roofs only look good though, as these innovative designs actually have practical properties as well. For a start, there are no tricky gable-end spaces to try and navigate, when opening up the upper levels in flat roof houses, plus, you can use the roof itself as an outdoor terrace, which will be a huge benefit for anyone with restrictive garden proportions. 

If you're ready to see some cool house designs with flat roofs, come with us now, as we have a staggering 20 to delight you with!

1. A house full of individuality.

Just look at the staggered levels here and the way the interior light plays with them!

2. Futuristic architecture.

The roof meets the sky and creates such a contemporary aesthetic.

3. With a slight slant.

Without a pitch, this roof needs to be in amongst the best flat roofs that we've seen! So graceful!

4. Luxury in wood.

You don't need a concrete home to enjoy a flat roof! In cool home plans, like this one, wood works well too!

5. The modern family home.

Lili Wood, AMBA AMBA Modern Houses

What a striking family home! The flat roof really makes it stand out!

6. Tradition meets modernity.

How about a flat roof for a pool house? What a great way to add a little modernity!

7. Contemporary elegance.

For a truly modern home, a symmetrical building, with a flat roof works well.

8. Blended with nature.

Look at the way some dark wood cladding has really emphasised the stark flat roofs here!

9. Perfect for minimalists.

Why overcomplicate your design, when it can be so simple and chic?

10. Overlooking the pool.

The flat roof here perfectly mirrors the angular shape of the pool.

11. Innovation and style.

We love the way this home looks to have been built up, instead of out, negating the need for a pitched roof.

12. Integrated andmodern.

Just look at how each segment of this home looks to intersect with the next, thanks to the flat roof!

13. A touch of Bauhaus.

Bauhaus will never go out of style, if this flat roof house is anything to go by!

14. Modern cubism.

You can't have a cubist home without a flat roof! It's simply impossible! We are such fans of the movement!

15. Modular magnificence.

Doesn't this home remind you of a lego building? The way everything is balanced on top of individual modules and then topped off with a flat roof?

16. Perfect for any setting.

Think flat roofs will only look right in the city? Think again! They look beautiful in rural settings as well!

17. Ideal for a terrace pool!

Well… you couldn't have a roof pool if you have a pitched design! This HAS to be the best reason for a flat roof ever!

18. Over two floors.

What's better than one flat roof? A house that has TWO! The stepped design here looks so contemporary and unusual. 

19. Understated elegance.

Mixing things up, with a dark facade and a flat roof certainly guarantees attention.

20. A nod to retro styling.

If you love the houses of the sixties, a flat roof home could definitely be for you. Don't you just adore this one?

For more amazing architecture, take a look at this article: The house of many levels.

And, finally, a home extension with a flat roof design

Sometimes, all it takes is a flat roof to add a contemporary edge to the design of a house. In this home, when the client wanted to update their existing small home to accommodate their family of five, the architects decided to expand the house at the rear. By removing the one-story structure that existed, they built a modern two-story structure that included a family room and kitchen on the first floor and an extended master suite on the second floor. Coupled with full-glass wall frames, the flat roof structure at the rear contrasts the traditional front façade of the house. Yet, it offers a seamless indoor-outdoor connection to the rear yard, while inside, it adds a unique environment where modern gradually transitions to traditional as you move towards the front of the house.

Which of these designs was your favorite?

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