Unique kitchens: Love them or hate them but you simply can't ignore them!

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Decorating a kitchen is oftentimes a tricky affair keeping in mind the absolutely essential functionality of different elements, that needs to be retained in a tasteful manner. When faced with the task of imbibing practical poise in the kitchen space as per the client’s wishes, kitchen planners mostly tend to look at versatile elements that take care of the utility aspect while also doubling up as a decorative element at times.

Different styles of design- rustic, modern, Scandinavian, classic, etc. offer ample scope to bedeck your kitchen and give it that extra edge which makes it stand out. A little bit of innovation & creativity goes a long way in jazzing up your kitchen, irrespective of its style. And this is exactly what today’s homify feature talks about. Offering you 11 wonderful examples of ambitious & aesthetically sound kitchen designs to draw inspiration from, this article is all about hearty originality for your good old kitchen. Take a peek!

1. Bold aquarium-themed backsplash imparts a dapper dazzle.

2. Extraordinary accents & assertive aesthetics of smart practicality & ritzy restraint.

3. Country style dynamics impress in this warm, wholesome blend of colors & textures.

4. Minimalism & humility take the cake in this thoughtfully lit designer jazz.

5. Good old stone rings in striking sass into noble generosity.

6. Charismatic lighting adds to the chic gloss of modernity.

7. Of well-lit linear convenience, ​narrow tidiness, glossy finishes and tiled trendiness.

the blue kitchen ZERO9 Modern Kitchen

8. Rusticity adorns entirely natural fulfilment & compact convenience.

9. Bright pop of vibrancy enhances the contemporary wholesomeness.

10. Generous Mediterranean hints are complemented by woody nobility, clear glass & chic concrete.

11. Lemon yellow details, elegant lighting & singular backsplash nail it here.

"Летняя фантазия", SKILL SKILL Kitchen Yellow
Which of these are you taking home?

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