6 amazing ways to jazz up your stairway!

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Stairways are not merely a medium to take you to the upper floor spaces, but an important space of the home serving as a place of transit & reception as staircases generally form a part of the foyer/ entrance hall. Be it a small apartment or a spacious villa, stairways can always be given a stylish touch as they are key to make a good first impression when visitors arrive. And this is exactly why room decorators & interior designers emphasize on aesthetics AND functionality both, while creating a design for the staircase.

There are many ways in which the staircase can be made to look tasteful such that it could double up as a practical decor and also create added home space(s) when the space under them is smartly put to use.  Lighting, mirror, materials like glass & stone, a pop of color, etc.- ample ideas are available to highlight the stairway space, be it in a modern, rustic, classic, Scandinavian or industrial style.  

Today, homify offers you 6 such wonderful ideas to enhance the visual appeal of your stairway without replacing the stairs and contribute plentifully to bedecking your entrance hall, leaving your guests absolutely impressed. Take a peek!

1. Railing it with clear ritz.

Classic rails are passé! Glass rails like this one are chic & contemporary; perfect for minimalist or Scandinavian interiors, glass rails also let light generously pass through, give depth to the hall and create a bright space. Adding lights onto the corner wall, you can further the brightness without using traditional wall lights. In this example, the classy combo of white, wood and glass makes for beautiful visuals and also draws attention to decorations like this pretty oriental carpet.

2. Voguish reflections of space.

Installing mirrors is another infallible trick to ring in a poised, roomy feeling. Installing these on the threshold, rather than by the staircase, reflects the natural light in a much better way and offers an illusion of a larger space. You can create a lavish & cozy ambiance by choosing the perfectly suited mirror- a simple mirror placed like a second skin on the walls, framed mirror, antique mirror, etc.

3. A refreshing dash of colorful poise.

Though white is a good ally for small spaces, its one major disadvantage is that it easily gets dirty. This characteristic is not always a problem, but it can become one in more frequented spaces like the stairway. So making the most of this, you can conveniently add an alluring color to the flanking wall. The color imparts personality and panache to the simplistic foyer. A bold, striking color like this one brings a stunning contrast that is easy on the eyes.

4. Say it in style with decorative pieces.

At times, decorative elements can go a long way in augmenting the visual appeal of the stairway spaces. As you can appreciate here, this winsome white stairway gets an added dollop of stately elegance through the tastefully illuminated art piece on the wall, and the sober, contrasting dark colored pouf. The restrained embellishment of this space is a treat to the eyes. 

5. Well optimized for singular utility.

In this small and simple space under the stairway, these compact pieces—a small vintage style desk & a comfy chair -offer a snug little home-office corner. 

6. Simply sassy.

Sometimes, the focus on simplicity is enough to bring oodles of poise. This carpet with nautical stripes as shown here, or a rug with floral prints if you dig the vintage look,  or just a plain black one if you prefer the minimalist appearance- all such elements effortlessly and effectively impart that extra edge to your entrance hall; just make sure to go for a tough, easy-to-clean piece, and you're done!

When are you planning to inject some style into your stairway?

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