6 amazing homes that you won't believe are prefabricated!

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Contemporary home design is really going places, now that architects are fully embracing the amazing prefabricated home trend! The only people that seem to be a little slower to get on board are potential buyers and we don't have a clue why! Gone are the days when prefabricated homes were less attractive than standard construction versions, as now, you can basically create any look that you want, while still enjoying all the convenience that this building technique has to offer. After all, who wouldn't want a stunning home that could be erected in a fraction of the time and for a far more reasonable price than most houses? 

If you're interest has been piqued but you're still not convinced, come with us now as we show you just how amazing these convenient homes can be, with a little design genius and a lot of faith! 

1. Perfect symmetry!

Wow! The symmetry of this property is outstanding and something that can only be accomplished through careful design and precise engineering, both of which are staples of prefabricated home creation! The color scheme is something else as well! Gray walls, white windows and a green roof? Now that's a serious move away from what you might picture when you think of prefabricated homes!

2. Classic and modern, all at once.

The monochrome facade here lends such a traditional and stunning look to this fabulous two-storey home, but when you realise that yes, this really IS a prefabricated home, suddenly, it seems very contemporary as well. Just imagine how delightful it must have been, to watch this home go up in a matter of weeks, rather than months and that corner detailing? Just inspired!

3. Perfect for families.

Now THIS would be a dream home for any family that wants to embrace stylish living, but perhaps have a budget to work to. You might be thinking that there is no way that this is a cost-effective house, but it has been created from prefabricated panels, which means that it was cheaper to design and manufacture and even labor costs would have been reduced, as it takes less time to assemble a home of this type. We have to say that we love the cream and red scheme and that garage, complete with a roof terrace? WOW!

4. A little cabin chic.

You might be thinking that all prefabricated homes need to be a little more plain or simple, but this one really blows that theory out of the water! With wooden cladding, intricate railings and a dual-roof design in place, this is very much the antithesis of country cabin chic. We don't think you would ever, in your wildest dreams, walk past a home like this one and think that it was prefabricated! It looks like it must have taken an eon to build, given the levels of perfection!

5. A villa with va va voom.

How beautiful is this home? Whether you're in the ,market for a new house or are thinking that it's about time that you have a holiday property, a villa such as this one, which is totally prefabricated, would be the perfect choice! Large, pretty and cozy as anything, we think this villa design has so much inherent charm and given how simple it must have been to construct, it could go, essentially, anywhere.

6. Large-scale luxury!

Can we take a moment to really appreciate the scale of this build? Huge, complex and beautifully finished, this is the type of home that should, in theory, take a very long time to build, but given that it is a prefab, it will have taken mere weeks! The color scheme has been chosen so well, to bed the house into the surroundings, and we love how the terrace shows that you don't have to opt for a boring box design, when working with prefabricated panels! Serious house envy!

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