15 wonderful post retirement homes for you!

My Cottage for a Horse, SA&V - SAARANHA&VASCONCELOS SA&V - SAARANHA&VASCONCELOS Country style house
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Every one of us dreams to spend those post retirement years with our loved one in a beautiful home surrounded with  greens, to swim, sunbathe, read and just be nested with nature- do everything that the mundane life does not spare any time for us to indulge in. For the sake of this very dream, we work for decades and keep waiting for those golden years when our time will only be OUR time. At the heart of every such dream is always a nice, cozy house that will be humbly comfy & warm to pamper our senses.

Today’s homify account enlists 15 such extraordinarily beautiful houses that in their simplistic format of decent allure, pack a snug punch of absolute comfort. Although the architects & design professionals have creatively designed these dwellings employing different styles and features, they all share the homey originality that will surely win you over. Have a good look!

1. Lush greens & the soothing touch of rusticity.

Although every corner of this wonderful villa is praiseworthy, the amazingly rustic poise of stone & timber along with the palliative elegance of the beautiful garden steal the show.

2. Bucolic essence of modern dwelling.

This modern home touches upon the rural style of homes that contrasts strikingly with its modern core. The raw appeal of stone looks impressive.

3. The finesse of Mediterranean architecture.

This one reflects the architectural tradition of the Mediterranean basin with graceful subtlety, simultaneously conveying the comfy, relaxed spirit of this region.

4. Pleasing minimalism.

This home adorned with minimalistic design style offers decently luxurious living, including the pool that could spring a delightful surprise on the visitor owing to the minimalist core.

5. Homey splendor by the sea.

Glorious pops of cheery tones, simple lines & respectable dimensions conceal a lot of cozy comfort and homely luxuries.

6. Naturally artsy.

This contemporary abode dolled up with Mediterranean hints is full of eye-catching architectural design. The star of the show, however, is the facade with comprising elements carefully assembled in elegant detailing and boasting of artsy aesthetics.

​7. Simplistic, functional yet stylish.

This extremely simple rectangular format of residential architecture is a self-contained house that dazzles with the flair of simplicity, enveloped by lush greenery.

8. Chic country house with homespun vibes.

This country house offers a quiet living with decent comforts and tranquil coziness. The different formats of stone for the shiny floor & rough walls add to the cozy feel.

9. Grounded & natural.

This single-storey home, elongated horizontally, is nearly like a living proof that combining stone & timber is almost always going to have a wonderful outcome.

10. Haven of trust.

This dwelling with a monolithic body, thick walls & an assertive entrance is apt for those looking for security as well as peace at retirement.

11. Modular nobility.

14 Fotos de Casas Modulares Amovíveis, KITUR KITUR Country style house

In perfect harmony with the environment and crafted generously in wood, this one has a modular structure and offers ample provision for modifications/ additions when necessary. 

12. ​Prefabricated elegance.

This appealing prefab home is another jazzy alternative; reinforced concrete, glass & neutral exterior palette look simply smashing.

13. Cool shadow of warmth.

The USP of this country house is definitely the generous, cool & comforting shadow of the large tree, that no money can buy.

14. Home with soothing views.

The large glass doors & windows facing the garden allow for calming vistas as you sit indoors with a hot cuppa and soak in the natural goodness. Complementary panache of wood & stone enhances the fetching appeal.

15. Warm greetings!!

The huge sliding entrance door made of timber conveys the humble allure of wood in all its glory, also reflecting the master workmanship of the architect team that created this modern villa. 

Which of these fits the bill perfectly for you?

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