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In all of our ideabooks, we emphasize on the fact that every house can be made to look unique by opting for the right kind of design. One of the most important aspects of the design is a significant entrance area which captures every visitor's attention immediately. Apart from this, the main entrance should also be able to reveal a particular personality trait about the owner of the house. Whether it is a cozy country style home or something a bit more exotic you can choose a design that suits your requirement and lifestyle. 

To help you select the perfect entrance facade layout here are 19 ideas that we have put together.

1. Steel accent

A stainless steel accent on your entrance door will attract a lot of attention.

2. Opposing materials

By using two opposing materials, this home entrance canopy was given a modern design.

3. Steing entrance

This incomparable steing entrance is also easy to maintain making it the perfect choice.

4. Sideways house

One can also arrange the house sideways. This not only looks more mysterious but also makes the house stand out from the crowd.

5. Engraved doors

A classic country style house has decorative engraving on their wooden doors.

6. Generous canopy

A generous canopy can make the entrance area a place where you can also stay a little longer.

7. Classic combination

White and black is a classic combination that always works. The more intense the colour black the higher the impression.

8. Saddle roof

A saddle roof is like the icing on a cake. It also includes additional weather protection.

9. Gray or silver doors

You can also try something new by using gray or silver entrance doors. It hardly has any neighbours.

10. White doors

White doorways are best suited for pastel colour facades.

11. Modern doors

Modern doors can be used for giving small insights into the house.

12. Blue doors

Powerful blue is a perfect match for warm wood tones and it also provides a small surprise effect.

13. Milk glass doors

By using milk glass in various thicknesses the interchange of transparency and opaqueness takes place at this designer door.

14. Half-glazed doors

There is already some courage to a front door where one half is completely glazed.

15. Modern entrances

Modern house entrances are frequently glazed and by adding a colourful door a more exciting effect can be achieved.

16. Clinker facade

This traditional clinker facade gets a modern touch with the dark blue to anthracite colour door without the contrast being too strong.

17. Foyer facade

If the entrance area between the garage and the building is well planned then a beautiful foyer house can be created. This also looks particularly homely.

18. Harmonious entrance

Typically the colour of the entrance area should match the facade as it fits in harmoniously and inconspicuously.

19. Dramatic facade

It is worthwhile to deviate from the usual symmetry and set colour contrasts sometime. These beautiful house entrances also look more dramatic.

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