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The heavenly house on the hill

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As much as we love taking a look at homes that inspire us to do more with our own, a healthy dose of aspiration now and then is a real departure from real life and that's exactly what we have for you today! 

The gorgeous home featured in this article is found perched magnificently on a hill, overlooking Johannesburg, but it doesn't just have the benefit of enjoying a view, it has, essentially, become a sight to behold in its own right. The intricate design takes full advantage of the wonderful site and has sought to inject sophisticated style and unapologetic luxury into every nuance of the build, so why not come and take a look, before you start seriously discussing a new build with your architect?

A sprawling facade.

If you told us that this was a five-star hotel, we would have believed you, as the proportions, finish and extensive lighting is of such a high-standard that it seems almost unbelievable that it s merely a house, but sure enough, it is! With not one, but two, double garages, amazing glazing and a rugged yet chic natural stone cladding finish in place, this really is a phenomenal build!

We told you it is on a hill!

The first snapshot really didn't demonstrate the altitude of the house very well, but this one sure does! As you can see, the property has indeed been built on a sharp incline, which makes the beautiful design even more impressive! Had the site been flat, what a doddle to erect a luxurious building, but here? The challenge must have been felt throughout!

Stunning color usage.

Given how warm and pretty the house is on the outside, you'd be forgiven for expecting the interior to be a masterclass in opulent and over the top decor. We know that we were half-anticipating gold everything and masses of accessories, which is why the minimalist scheme of this living room is such a pleasant surprise. With only a few turquoise accents, there is a remarkable lack of fussy design here, which amplifies the size of the room perfectly.

Natural transitions.

Walk through the expansive open-plan living room and you'll come to this beautiful and sweet dining spot, which in turn, leads to the kitchen. By breaking up relaxing and functional spaces with a midway point between the two, there is such an easy and natural flow to the whole house! Also, note how we have moved from pale and almost industrial decor through to industrial with a little wood thrown in. This is important, as the kitchen continues the evolution of style…

As unique as you'd expect.

Made almost entirely from striking wood, this kitchen is the perfect finishing point for this floor of the house. It really has lead on beautifully from the dining area and has sought to inject some very personal and unique design aesthetics into the fray! By integrating all of the appliances, there is a terrifically modern overarching theme, but is always equalled out with organic materials. Charming.

Bedroom beautty on a massive scale.

Firstly, just LOOK at the size of this bedroom! You'd be forgiven for assuming that this was a one-off, but in actual fact, every boudoir boasts similar proportions and there are numerous examples! Secondly, we adore the use of inset ceiling lighting, sliding doors and natural, muted colors, all of which speak of a connection to the natural world that promotes a wonderfully restful and intimate space. The Japanese-inspired en suite screening is worth a look too!

Exemplary en suites!

Don't you just love how chic the sliding Japanese screens are here? They give way to such a beautiful en suite bathroom, which we can already see has been designed to mirror the wooden kitchen style, for a level of cohesion that is simply staggering. It's so pretty in fact, that we don't think we'd ever close the screens!

A happy extra bonus.

Beautiful! Despite having a wealth of outdoor space to play with and an extensive kitchen at their disposal, the owners sought to include this covered terrace as well! What a way to guarantee sociable entertaining opportunities, whatever the weather! Is it ok for us to admit that the BBQ station here is far more glamorous than our kitchens? Wow! And just look at all of the seating!

The cherry on top.

With such beautiful views to be enjoyed, naturally, the landscaping surrounding this dream home is of the highest standard, but what we like most is this terrifically modern and understated pool! It would have clearly been no issue to build something a little more grandiose, but by maintaining a focus on simpler, more elegant finishes, at no point does this property ever feel as though it is showboating. Divine!

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