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​The Real Fantasy House

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Whether it’s a two-room apartment in Paris or a four-storey mansion in Los Angeles, homify 360° loves discovering the noteworthy pieces of the architectural world. Today’s discovery takes us to Argentina to a house that is the epitome of stylish dreams. 

It possesses all the qualities we love in a house: modern, edgy, large, and exquisitely decorated. It was conjured up by the professionals of BARQS Bisio, an architectural company with no less than three decades of experience, so we can rest assured that this creation was born out of extreme skill and artistic knowledge.   

The house is characterised by its very serene external presence: it’s straightforward (almost minimalist) in its approach, yet does not hold back when it becomes time to present the decadent luxuries that most of us only dream of…

Front façade

A rather majestic façade is presented to us from the front side. High ceilings, generous glass windows, and stylishly decorated surfaces ensure that this house is extremely noticeable. Concrete and wood star as the main facade characters, and are joined by a delightful collection of serene and neutral colours. 

As soon as we can tear our gaze away from that spacious garage, we’ll continue with the tour…

From the side

Peeking at the side of the house, we notice lots of patterns, protrusions and materials that make up a unique vision. A variety of blocks and rectangles seem to transform into this one giant house, altering themselves to become corridors, patios and wall surfaces. 

The linear design is uniquely modern, yet there is something charmingly eclectic about this mix and match of colours and materials.

The dream materialises

What was a beautiful and noteworthy façade gets transformed into a spectacularly dazzling back yard. Where shall we start? The large garden with its spacious grounds? The gigantic swimming pool with its alluringly cool waters? Or how about the striking L-shaped patio where we can lounge, dine, dance, or just soak up the sun in style? 

Various rooms open up onto the patio/swimming pool area, making a luscious dip all the more easy for the residents / guests. 

The pool party of the year has officially found its new location!

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The terrific terrace

It’s time we got a closer look at that detailed terrace. Whether we want to dine in style al fresco, engage in a low-key board game with friends, or simply enjoy stargazing with a glass of Merlot, this terrace is the place to be. Presenting a unique blend of casual and comfortable, we have all the elements (and space) to ensure a memorable and fun evening outside. 

Wooden beams in a golden tone hover over the area, ensuring cool shade by day and a warm timbering glow by night. And we have fallen hard for that marble stone floor – who knew sun lounging could be done in such style?

Interior elegance

Time for a peek at what the interiors have to offer – and it’s very clear they don’t hold back. The floors are coated in a warm, semi-dark wooden surface, which blends in beautifully with the neutral tones.  

Classic and elegant décor come in the shape of sexy black leather couches, a modern fireplace, a fantastic stereo system, and much much more. This is definitely for when we want to lure the friends away from the pool for some interior bragging. Music and movie night are officially sorted! 

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The office space

Of course, in order to play hard one must also work hard. And what better space to do that than this superb home office? 

Spacious enough to host a board meeting, this home office has it all: the space, the storage surfaces, the view, and most definitely the style. The superb wooden flooring and black leather chairs are a definite link to the downstairs living room, yet instead of being laid back and relaxed, they take on a stylishly professional manner in this office.  

Like we said: a house that most of us only dream of…

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