10 ways to perk up a small windowless bathroom

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Those of us who do not get to design and build our own houses (which, let's be honest, is most of us) must make do with what we can afford, which sometimes results in the odd unfortunate room. In older homes, this often translates into a small windowless bathroom that is totally devoid of any natural light, so how can you deal with a space such as this?

Interior designers have a wealth of tricks up their sleeves, for dealing with tricky and inconvenient rooms, which is great news for you, as we are going to tell you about 10 of them, right now! If you are keen to find out how to get light into a windowless bathroom, come with us now and prepare to be inspired!

1. Use mirrors!

If you have the wall space, then by all means hang a veritable gallery wall of mirrors in your bathroom with no windows. This will reflect all the artificial light beautifully, but be careful not to place mirrors opposite each other, or you'll end up with a very weird effect!

2. Add a little greenery.

The right plants can cheer up any boring or dull space, including that dark windowless bathroom that you've been contending with. Let's not forget that nature always finds a way, so there are a host of very pretty blooms that will thrive, even in a shadowy space, and detract from a gloomy aesthetic. Just try to avoid succulents, as they don't love too much moisture and as a little treat for your green friends, give them a bit more light once a week, by moving them into a brighter room for a few hours. 

3. Light the right areas.

If you’re short on space in your windowless bathroom, consider mounting wall lights that will add functional illumination, without taking up valuable counter or floor space, but make sure the lights are placed in the correct spots. Aim for side-on face illumination, as this is the most flattering angle for everyone!

4. Add something unusual.

Don’t fret if you can’t go ripping out your entire bathroom just now, as adding in something a little unusual and daring will absolutely detract from any and all unfortunate aesthetics, including a lack of windows! Try an over the top stool or perhaps an unusual arm chair! Don;t worry, we know you don't all have massive trees growing in your bathroom!

5. Choose a bright color.

Painting a nice, light colour on the floor, walls and ceiling of a bathroom with no windows can dramatically increase the room’s perceived size. For something a little more dramatic, add in some glossy tiles, to reflect what light there is.

6. Embrace color and patterns.

If you have the means to do it, then encasing your tiny windowless bathroom in a bold wallpaper will add a vigorous injection of pattern and colour. If nothing else, eye-catching walls will make you forget all about that absent window!

7. Choose transparent screens.

A small bathroom does not need any extra solid walls, even for privacy purposes, so try to choose transparent shower screens, to maintain decent light flow. Even artificial light needs to be reflected around, for maximum effect!

8. Add shimmery accessories.

Add some shimmer and shine to your bathroom by looking to industrial and steampunk design ideas, which are currently trending. This means that metals are very popular in bathroom design right now, so embrace stainless steel, polished aluminium, brass, or copper for a stunning finish. We'd love a copper bathtub!

9. Distract from the lack of windows.

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Target Tiles

Daisy Chain

Target Tiles

Move the focus away from the lack of light in your small bathroom by shifting the spotlight onto dramatic color, artwork, lighting and even accessories. Cheerful graphics on the walls, such as these charming daisy decals, really are a breath of fresh air!

10. Keep it dazzlingly clean.

Keep your small windowless bathroom perfectly clean by removing damp towels immediately, drying your shower screen and basin after use and minimising paring back on the clutter. Musty odours add to a cave-like ambience, so be sure to spritz something pleasant regularly.

For more bathroom ideas, take a look at this article: Top tips for creating a cozy bathroom.

Did you spot a good idea for your small windowless bathroom here?

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