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There are days when we dream of buying a house near the beach, so as to make every single day feel like a holiday and today's property is doing nothing to allay that desire! To start with, the view enjoyed by this home is utterly wonderful, but when you add in lovely shabby chic furniture, outdoor bathrooms and luxurious bedroom suites, it becomes apparent that the interior designer and architect were very much on the same page, in terms of what they were hoping to capture, vibe-wise. 

We don't want to overshadow the glorious images here with our talking, so will simply give you a little introduction to each snapshot and then leave you to make your own mind up about how well all the decor choices work. Let's head to the coast!

Just look at this setting!

Have you ever seen anything so idyllic, restful and enticing in your life?

Wide open space.

The way that each area flows into the next in this open home is wonderful! Plus, everyone can interact, regardless of what they're doing!

The perfect palette.

The colors used throughout this home are wonderful. Pastel-washed furniture, pale grays and natural wood just work so well together. 

Why stay indoors?

Wit the views that this home enjoys, naturally, a fabulous terrace was needed, to take full advantage of the vista! Love this antique-effect dining table!

Fancy a drink?

What holiday-inspired home would really be complete without an amazing home bar? Talk about a high-end hotel feel! You'd have to start learning how to make the perfect cocktail though!

A private haven.

While open living is wonderful, everybody needs their own space occasionally, which is why this reading room is such a valuable addition. The built-in seating is so minimal and chic.

Stunning for sleeping.

Using navy blue as the accent color in this bedroom was the perfect choice, as it mimics the location. so well. The use of antique wooden panels as a headboard is utterly gorgeous!

Easy connections.

This is another wonderful bedroom, but the shining grace really is the sliding door that offers a deep and constant connection to the rest of the house, with the promise of seclusion, when wanted. Dreamy!


Get ready, as there are so many bathrooms in this home! We're starting with our favorite, which is this incredible open air terrace installation! Love that roll-top tub!

A little more private, this ergonomic bath certainly makes for a sweet and pretty bathroom!

All the art, featured above the tubs, looks something else! The water-reminiscent pieces really lend a certain elegance and chic to a very practical room!

The lovely thing about this bathroom, is that it makes it impossible for you to forget the location of the house! Driftwood detailing is such an incredible touch that ties the home into its location and we are enjoying the use of gray in every area as well.

A spectacular home that fits the setting so perfectly, we bet this has gotten you in the mood to see even more beach houses, right? Well then, take a look at this article: The ideal seaside retreat.

Would a home like this one be your absolute dream property?

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