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A house that became a personal paradise

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Despite the client here ideally looking for a classic midcentury house that could be updated and customized, an amazing property, built in 1968 was chosen to be the starting point for a serious program of renovations. Lots of glass, immense ceilings and single-storey living have all been embraced and the architects that totally changed up this old fashioned building have performed something of a miracle. 

Though labelled as an originally peculiar house, the scope for improvements must have been vast, as the end result is something of an absolute treasure. From open-plan living through to a stunning terrace and views that will simply blow you away, this property really is one to bookmark and keep coming back to, as it is literally phenomenal! Let's take a look!

You might think that this is the living room…

… but it's actually the seating area out on the terrace! The levels of comfort here are very deceptive, but the stylishness is undeniable! Just look at all the glass and… those views!

The terrace has more to offer!

Why just have an outdoor living room, when you can add a large dining table and a ready-to-use grilling station as well? What possible reason could there ever be to go into the main house?

Understanding the layout.

So this is the terrace that we've just been admiring and clearly, it's something that needs to be enjoyed from every conceivable angle! Jutting out from the main house, it looks great and that butterfly roof really adds something extra!

Can we talk about the view?

No, we don't mean of the fun fluffy dog, but of the grounds! No wonder the terrace was built on this side of the property! We know that we'd want to look out over luscious greenery and a luxurious swimming pool as well!

That sixties vibe.

Wow! Despite some serious modernization and renovation, this home still has that quintessential sixties look, don't you think? So stylish and funky, we can see why this was chosen as the ideal property for some upgrading!

Such hybrid style!

Just LOOK at this open-plan interior! Spacious, light and an incredible mix of retro, modern and even industrial touches, it has an incredible vibe going on! the blockwork fireplace is phenomenal!

Amazing forethought.

With such a cool fireplace in situ, it makes such sense that a built-in log storage area has been included. What a way to add practicality and a little touch of rustic charm! Don;t you think it looks perfect against the all-wood ceiling too?

Wow-factor furniture.

There must have been a moment when more traditional furniture was considered for this space, but the decision to go for something a little more retro and eye-catching was inspired! We love the rich jewel purple tone of the fabric, as it really harks back to the original age of the house! The huge proportions are amazing as well.

Why have one dining table…

… when you can have two? By opting to include two luxuriously large dining spaces, there are plenty of options in terms of dinner party locations and the contrast of retro sideboards and a modern table here looks incredible! This isn't the last dining area though!

Understated practicality.

The all-white finish of this kitchen is great, as it makes the more practical and functional kitchen simply melt away into the background. Stone tile flooring maintains a crisp and cool aesthetic and the reams of counter space must come in really handy, when preparing food to be eaten on one of the three dining tables! We particularly like this informal circular one, which enjoys staggering views!

Private spheres.

While an open-plan living room is a covetable addition to any home, including a more private and intimate sitting area really takes things to a whole other level. A great way for everyone to be able to enjoy some alone time, we bet this is a really well-used room.

Catering to every need.

How could this home be made even more perfect? By including a stylish home office, of course! This beautiful space is absolutely geared towards productivity and relaxed working and we really like the use of a singular long table, instead of individual desks! Wow!

Rest and recuperation.

YES! What a charming and pared back master bedroom that simply allows the view to do all the hard work! The seamless modernist vibe here is striking and sweet and really works with the wider home.

Ablutions with a view.

Being totally isolated and private, this home has made great use of the remote location, to offer an uninhibited bathroom that makes the morning ablutions an absolute pleasure! We really do love the all-white scheme here, as no other colours are needed, given the view!

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