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9 things interior designers absolutely hate

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Before we get started, let's make one thing clear; your home is YOURS, so this is not a prescriptive list of dos and don'ts and more than that, every interior designer in the world has a fluid notion of trends and aesthetics, so we are simply looking at what the industry, as a whole, suggests is a little outdated right now! Right, now that we've tackled that, how about we take a look at the things that quite a few designers wouldn't be in a rush to recommend for your home? 

1. All the furniture against a wall.

It might make sense to push all your living room furniture up against a wall, but it's a bit overdone, as an aesthetic. Nowadays, designers are enjoying creating more exciting walkways and are even using sofas et al to break up open-plan spaces.

2. Overly heavy curtains in every room.

A luxurious drape can look phenomenal, but not in every single room! You need to maintain a little softness and breeziness in certain spaces, so choose your curtain locations well! We think living rooms and bedrooms work best, while dining rooms need a little more light! 

Or no window dressings at all!

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On the flip side, designers will tell you that going sans window dressings entirely is also a no no! There are definitely a few rooms that need a little privacy, so if you like a minimal look, try sheer curtains or plain blinds.

3. A TV as a focal point.

We actually firmly align with this notion! Making a television the main focal point in any room instantly cuts off the potential for enjoyable interactions and conversation, so don't do it! If you must have a TV, why not hide it away in a cupboard and use it when you want to specifically watch something?

4. No extra textiles.

LAYERS! Any interior designer will tell you that embracing a layered approach to textiles will always be better than simply popping some furniture in a room and nothing else! A few cushions and throws really lend a softness to a room that is impossible to ignore.

5. Pointless tiny rugs that float!

Rugs are great and we can't all be installing gargantuan ones that take yup every inch of floor space, but a pet peeve of interior designers is when we buy a small rug and simply place it in the middle of a room, where it sits, unanchored by any furniture. Choose something a little larger and slip one edge under a sofa, for a more cohesive look!

6. Ineffective lighting.

There's a real difference between cosy, ambient lighting and downright dark and ineffectual illumination! A good way to go is to install super bright lights that have a dimmer switch, so you can turn down the dazzling effect and up the romance when you want to, but still have decent brightness the rest of the time.

7. Furniture that isn't proportional.

If you have a small room but love large furniture, that's fine, but make sure you can actually move around! Interior designers will be the first to tell you that there's no steadfast rules when it comes to furniture sizes, but maintaining easy access is vital, so have a grasp on proportion!

8. Too many genres in one space.

Eclectic is a style of its own, but interior designers can always spot a space that has absolutely no direction. Instead of trying to add a little but of everything, why not try to create a hybrid aesthetic, with motifs from maybe one or two design spheres that easily work together.

9. A one-colour-fits-all approach.

Colour coordination is great, but going hell for leather with just one hue is a real no! We are telling you that, in addition to interior designers! A little contrast goes a long way and doesn't have to be as dramatic as you might think, step out of your comfort zone! Add a little pattern too, just for good measure!

For more design mistakes to avoid, take a look at this Ideabook: Common bedroom design mistakes.

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