27 unique washbasins for every bathroom!

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While designing the bathroom and accessorizing it, of late, the professionals like bathroom designers & those dedicated to bathroom fittings increasingly lean on innovative ideas & style mixes in order to give this very essential home space an extra edge. Be it a spacious or a small bathroom, a touch of novelty, a hint of quirk or simply a style injection can work wonders to modify the looks. A single element can go a long way in changing the entire appearance of the bathroom and today, this is what our homify tour is all about.

The good old washbasin is one such humble element that oftentimes gets overlooked while you are contemplating a design upgrade. However, by blending different styles like modern, rustic, classic, etc., mixing materials like wood, ceramics, stone & metal, and smartly employing hues & lighting, the washbasin area can be conveniently given a generous dollop of poise and the bathroom, a jazzy facelift.

In this homify account, we bring to you 27 washbasins which prove that the white ceramic washbasin is passé, and it is high time to ring in a fresh suggestion of modishness in the bathroom.  Fit for bathrooms of different sizes, these inspiring washbasins are bound to pamper you with choices to take home; there is something for every taste. Take a look at these amazing pieces of workmanship and pick your favorites!

1. The natural touch for modernity: simple sass of stone meets noble finesse of wood.

2. Sophisticated aesthetics of filigree: artistically poised.

3. Chromatic charisma extends a chic complement to dapper dark stone generosity.

4. Pristine singularity of shape & structure roots for natural stoney flair.

5. Exquisite column design lends conventional charm garbed in contemporary panache.

6. Tastefully seductive: gentle curves court the sheen of minimalism.

7. Favorably countered by rusticity, this one is a visual delight.

8. Free-standing integrated singularity with voguish complements & luminous snazz.

9. Mineral magnificence bats for alluring elegance & pleasing style.

10. This one nails the look with its golden glaze & designer format.

11. Natural appeal of stone meets the dazzle of apt fittings: extravagance reloaded.

12. Ah the fascinating grace of minimalistic details!

13. Small, round, humble and practical- modishly modest.

14. This grand ensemble reflects luxurious pizzazz.

15. Hand-painted originality bedecks chic built-in convenience.

16. The oversized coffee cup looks do the trick in the ageless combo of black & white.

17. Column convenience in a smaller format: fetching versatility for easy incorporation.

18. The hues & textural grace of fossil wood make this one unique.

19. Wall-mounted with ample functional flourish.

20. Upcycled wine barrel for unusual innovation.

21. Armed with burly ritz and surrounded by bucolic beauty.

22. Exotic creation inspired by elegantly fluid simplicity.

23. This piece of absolute charm is a must-have for all retro lovers.

24. Scandinavian splendor adorns minimalist gentility.

25. Conveniently carved in stone for superlative style in entirety.

26. The glossy granite opulence is assuredly the talk of the town.

27. Such a colorful stance is a promise of attractive vibrancy for every bathroom.

Which of these did you find perfect for your bathroom?

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