Small but mighty stylish: 6 mini-pools

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Who says that you need a large plot, plenty of space and a sizeable budget to realize the dream of owning your own pool? Even with just few square meters and a limited amount of money, you can create a gorgeous small pool at home. Today, we are going to show you six very different mini-pools, which despite their small size, all have a lot to offer and provide a lot of refreshment and luxury. Dive in with us, as we immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of tiny pools and then get your builder on speed dial, to see how much one of these terrific designs would set you back!

1. Luxury style.

Even small pools can offer a lot of luxury, as this example proves. The pool here is located on a slightly elevated platform in the garden, which can also be used as a terrace and at the edge of the pool is a cushioned seat that invites you to sunbathe, but would also be a super spot for some alfresco dining. When it gets dark, a spectacular lighting installation creates a moody atmosphere in and around the pool, but what if you want to personalize this style a little more? The color scheme can be adapted, according to mood and a sophisticated heating system ensures that a pleasant water temperature prevails throughout the year. Talk about a mini pool perfect for any garden!

2. Flexible but fabulous.

Non-permanent pools are a great option for anyone with a limited budget, who wants to use the installation as a cool water plunge zone, in the summer months alone. Pop-up mini-pools are ideal for the whole family, especially on hot days, are convenient to purchase and quick and easy to set up. You could even enjoy a mini-pool terrace, by pumping up yours on a patio! In fact, that';s a top tip, as it would ensure that the pool and the bathers are protected from injury and that the lawn is not affected. A solid base really is key!

3. Year-round usability.

Now this is a mini-pool which can be used all year round! In the summer, the small pool provides a much-needed cooling effect and in the cooler months, it can double up as a heated spa! When it gets dark, impressive LED lighting immerses the pool and the surroundings in a moody glow, which really keeps the drama and luxury prevalent! Don't go thinking that the pool is too short either, as with a water depth of 1.35m, it is perfect for a round of water gymnastics!

4. Super sociable.

This mini-pool is located in the southern Californian Mojave Desert and offers both a warm welcome and a chance to get rid of desert dust coatings! The social pool is a project from Alfredo Barsuglia, who created the minimalist work of art into co-operation with the MAK Center for Art and Architecture. The really special thing about it is that everyone is invited to enjoy the magical and hidden desert pool, making them part of the art installation! 

5. Athletically-minded.

This indoor mini-pool is the perfect solution for those who do not have a lot of space, but still want to bring a desire for some added luxury and fitness into being! In this swimming haven, you can not only relax, but also train seriously, as a strong current can be created for users to swim against! Now that really is inspired!

6. Really relaxing.

This mini-pool is not suitable for swimming, but has a very relaxing aura, ready to be enjoyed by users, because it offers eight different massage jets. Perfect for relieving tired or sore muscles, especially after a long day at work, with benches built in, this space is perfect for easy catch-ups in bubbling warm water with friends and family members! Yes please! Mini-pool gardens never looked so good!

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Are you a little closer to realizing your dream of owning a pool now?

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