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We see a lot of open-plan homes these days, but when we discover rare gems that have sought to make more of the trend through innovative use of color and patterns, we are always intrigued! Today, we are going to show you a simply beautiful apartment, which has been made to feel exponentially bigger through wallless design, but the really awesome aspect here is how geometrics have been utilized! Seriously, the interior designer that dreamt up this wonderful scheme clearly knew what they were doing, so without further ado, let's take a closer look!

Welcome home!

Just look at the way this wonderfully simple white and gray hallway has been given an extra touch of finesse, with bold geometric floor tiles! Everything else has been left very understated, but there's no sense of boredom, thanks to the floor being so out there!

Easy transitions.

From the hallway, it's a hop and a skip to the kitchen! With no interior doors in place, there is a natural flow here that feels divine, but just look at the use of polished concrete for the cabinet carcasses and worktop! Again, the white and gray scheme has been perked up with more of the same dramatic flooring, but we need to see more!

Amazing amounts of storage.

The pared back aesthetic of this kitchen makes it seem so much larger than it actually is and we are staggered by all the integrated storage! Choosing to make the far wall a series of camouflaged cabinets was inspired and offered just the right amount of space for integrated appliance housing as well. Lovely!

From cooking to eating.

Step out of the kitchen and you'll find yourself in a handy little dining area! Negating nothing in terms of style, the timelessly retro style of furniture here really blends well with the wider unfussy design and with a large pendulum light positioned directly above the table, intimate dinner parties would be charming!

Roaming around the room.

The layout of this open-plan apartment is just delightful! From hallway to kitchen to dining area and finally, a living room space, there is such an endearing flow and by maintaining the steadfast white and gray color scheme throughout, there is a level of cohesion like nothing else! Wood flooring for the more relaxing areas was a great choice, as it adds a certain softness.

Perfectly proportional.

It would have been so easy to ruin the vibe of this space by installing enormous furniture, but with modest choices comes a wonderfully fresh and relaxing feel. We are seeing some seriously Scandinavian vibes coming through, especially with the bright yellow accents but it's the gray chairs that add so much sumptuous comfort!

Variations on a theme.

Using natural wood to frame the bed here has made for such a sweet aesthetic! It would have been staggeringly easy to just plump for all white everything, but this subtle touch has created a cozy, private setting that we adore and all it took was one yellow cushion to tie the room into the wider space with ease!

Function and fashion.

Charming! It;s not often that we get really excited about bathrooms, but there is such a minimalist meets nautical vibe going on here that we are a little lost for words! Sacrificing a bath for an extra large shower was a great decision, as it has added a contemporary feel and the copper lights? What a touch!

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