7 surprising things you shouldn't keep in your bathroom

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Bathrooms are great for storing things, right? You add a stylish vanity unit and suddenly, you have a wealth of wonderful organisation potential, but what if we told you that all the things you naturally allow to gravitate in there, shouldn't stay? We were surprised to discover that most of the items we have in our bathrooms, pride of place on display, could actually be a bad idea, in terms of preserving their lifespan and we don't want you to fall victim to the same shock, so come with us now, as we tell you everything that you need to get out of your bathroom, before your cleaner does!

1. Linens.

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It might seem like a natural place to keep your spare towels, but the bathroom will actually make them smell really musty! As a naturally moisture-infused space, any textile items will get a little damp and foisty, so you'd be far better off keeping towels in an airing cupboard, or even in your bedroom! Shocking!

2. Perfumes.

Your perfume and cologne bottles might be gorgeous, but the fluctuations on temperature in a bathroom can affect the contents of them! Scents that are exposed to constant heat and cold will naturally deteriorate a lot more quickly than those kept at a steady room temperature, so get them out!

3. Spare razor blades.

If we told you that razor blades can be dulled, just by being kept in a humid room, you'd never stash them in your bathroom again, would you? Well, they can! They can even rust, before you've ever used them and that's a health hazard just waiting to happen!

4. Books and magazines.

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Who doesn't love reading a good book in the bath or, let's be honest now, flicking through a magazine whilst sat on the toilet? We ALL do it, but don't store your favourite tomes in the bathroom, as the moisture will affect the bindings and pages, causing irreversible damage. Quick! rescue your first editions!

5. Medicines.

If you've never taken the time to read the storage instructions on your medicine bottles, they will say that you need to keep them in a cool and dry location, so it's very strange that so many of us stash them in the bathroom! You would be far better off having a dedicated medicines drawer in your bedroom, which will always be more consistently cool than a bathroom.

6. Nail polish.

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If shaken regularly, nail polish can last up to two years once opened, but keeping them in a warm space will drastically shorten the lifespan of your favourite colour! A far better choice is actually your fridge, as cooler temperatures really help to maintain the viscosity! 

7. Jewellery.

It's so easy to take off your jewellery before a bath or shower and simply leave it in the bathroom, along with hair bobbles and other accessories, but this is a huge mistake! Cheaper items will quickly tarnish and anything sparkly will get dull in the blink of an eye, so always be sure to remove your jewellery in the bedroom, as it won't come to any harm in there!

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