Before and After homes: 5 extreme transformations!

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To completely rebuild or simply renovate? This is the question that many potential homeowners have to ask themselves, especially seeing as renovating an old building is such a HUGE undertaking! Yes, you might find a charming property that makes you seriously consider renovating a farmhouse, but have you got the vision and help that you need to do it successfully? It's important to take the advice of an architect, who will calculate whether a new building is really necessary or if a renovation would suit your needs better. You just never know, as some of you might have the right budget and situation for a total home renovation!

Whether you're in the mood for a renovation or remodeling projects, we're going to show you how unusual and individual your undertaking could be. We think you're definitely going to find a wealth of inspiration in these five before and after projects.

1. Before: the gray 1960s.

This building, from the 60s, has been integrated into the surroundings so unobtrusively, but it's hardly up to the challenge of housing a busy family of four. The solution is a reconstruction that is both cost-effective and sustainable and the architects involved promised to deliver a traditional property conversion, that feels like a whole new building. This is a converted house we need to see!

1. After: old and yet new!

Here we see the incredible change! Undoubtedly, the building has been characterized by the massive upgrades in window and door openings, to create a new family home. Much more living space has been gained as well, to the point that in the basement, a private swimming pool has been installed!

To meet the client's desire for sustainability, a pellet heating system with an underground pellet tank and heating-assist solar thermal energy has been installed and, in addition, the house has controlled ventilation with heat recovery and even a rainwater collection system. What a way to start a before and after article!

2. Before: a perfect blank canvas.

Whilst not in the best starting condition, this house is particularly interesting in terms of the garden view it enjoys. The street-facing side was finished with conventional plaster and the back seems a little more shabby. This house does seem to offer a lot of potential for a family, in terms of generous spaces both indoors and outdoors, but it needed a lot of work first…

2. After: a magical facade.

After an extensive intervention by a team of experts, this house is not recognizable! A modern, cubic building now stands where an outdated home once was, but not only did the facade change, the roof did too! The gabled walls of the old roof were demolished, with a flat roof put in place, but the interior has been transformed as well. This truly is a converted house! The living room on the ground floor was significantly enlarged, by connecting it with the former service room and even tha garden got a huge overhaul as well! The south-facing space has been given a generous terrace with colorful natural stones that works so well next to the design of the facade, but there is a hidden secret! The dark blue facade surfaces contain splices of glass, which enjoy a fluorescent effect, making them sparkle.

3. Before: a boring farmhouse.

Old farms have a charm all of their own, as the brick facades and the red tile roofs always radiate something cozy and you can imagine how quaint it must be to reside inside the four walls. These buildings often have an enormous but unfortunately underestimated potential to become ultimate modern dream homes, if only people were brave enough to renovate farmhouses!

3. After: marvellously modernized.

The basic form of the two individual buildings has remained here, even after the renovation and the red roof has been lovingly kept as well, to allude to the traditional farmhouse aesthetic that is so sought after. In the small building on the left, you'll now find a guest room with shower and in the main house, where there was once stabling and housing for servants, you will find a trendy living area with all sorts of comfort. Through a wood-clad connecting corridor, both buildings are seamlessly linked. Wow!

4. Before: a barren facade.

The drab shade of this facade speaks for itself, doesn't it? The yellowed beige and brown looks anything but inviting. Add to this, an old-fashioned balcony and unfashionable shutters and this middle class home looks utterly low-end and disappointing, but there was potential to unearth…

4. After: serious cool points added.

A refreshing pale blue attracts attention for all the right reasons here now, but how was this surprising appearance garnered? Architects extended the house with a new upper overhang and a stylish flat roof, but there is more than just good looks here! Boasting energy savings of more than 70%, the house can now keep up with modern building standards!

5. Before: far too small.

The owners of this house also complained about the increasingly scarce space found within, so while an extension was essential, they also decided to spice up the old-fashioned facade. The plan was to create a cozy bedroom on the upper floor and an open living room on the ground floor, but did renovating this old house go to plan?

5. Afterwards: space and style!

From a dreary building to the ultimate in contemporary houses, this project was a complete success! The strong red of the extension stands out clearly and refreshes the entire environment. Just as warm as the red, but somewhat more subtle, the wood trim of the extension is charming! It's even easy to maintain as well! Genius!

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