Dutchess County Residence, Amenia, NY: modern Living room by BILLINKOFF ARCHITECTURE PLLC

A country home that's the last word in chic!

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We have a tendency to think that we've already seen the most chic home in the world, given how many we look at, but there is always a surprise waiting for us to discover it and today. we have found a real winner! Located in a rural setting, this home has really made the most of the uninterrupted and blissful views, with glazing included wherever possible, but it;s the work of the interior designer that we are really swooning over! Soft pastel hues, timeless retro furniture and incredible use of spacial proportions have all lead t the creation of a home that simply oozes charm and looks effortlessly chic and to say that we are a little obsessed with it would be a dramatic understatement! 

We don't want to overshadow the super pictures with too much talking, so instead, we'll simply introduce each image and let you drink in the details for yourself. One thing we will say though, is that the bathroom has been given a serious disco-fever makeover, with glittering gold mosaic tiles and you really don't want to overlook it! Are you ready for the tour? Then let's get started!

Geometric shapes, pastel colors, minimalist decor and amazing Danish furniture look incredible here! And with a balcony in place too? Wow!

Spin around and you see that this is where all the living room light is coming from! Never mind the phenomenal woodburner, just look at that HUGE light well!

What a pretty dining area! baby blue chairs add in a graceful softness and the round design has really made the most of the available space as well.

Blue and cream is an absolute dream in this kitchen! Look at the way the casual dining area perfectly matches the round table we have just seen, even down to the color of the chairs!

Why have one sitting room when you can have two? This equally bright and understated corner offers more of a garden room feel, which is ideal for enjoying the views!

It might be understated in terms of how much is going on here, but the decor items that have been included make a big statement! Rustic wood, ethnic textiles and a simple mirror work incredibly together!

We simply HAD to show you the view from the landing! The total lack of doors in this home has made for a perfectly open and free-flowing property, which has light permeating EVERY corner!

Hang on… is this ANOTHER cozy den area? Talk about going all out in terms of the number of relaxing spaces included here! This sitting room is up on the second floor of the house, so we could imagine this being a nice escape for parents!

It doesn't rain, but it pours in this chic home, in terms of amazing living rooms! With comfortable snuggle zones included throughout, everyone can have their own space! That's the dream, especially when each room is so simple and beautiful!

The window design here has totally captured our hearts! With such a simple decor scheme in place, more has been made of the architectural features and the effect is staggering. The cream hues are making us sleepy too!

We warned you that there was a glittering gold bathroom and here it is! What an elegant and beautiful way to make more of a functional room, without straying too far from the wider minimalist scheme! Wow!

From wonderfully unfussy spaces through to the inclusion of modern art and pastel hues wherever possible, this home has mastered the art of invoking a lot of envy! We just love the natural and calm vibe that perpetuates every room and if this was our house, we wouldn't change a thing!

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