5 clever ways mirrors boost your home's feng shui

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Whether or not you actually believe in feng shui, the fact that many people do means that it must be at least worth a thought, right? Well, it's never been easier to experiment with a little spirituality, as you can embrace it simply through the styles and placements of your home mirrors! Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that mirrors should always play a role in your design scheme, but we're going to tell you how to make so much more of them. Seriously though, if popping a mirror on a certain wall could improve your chances of health, wealth and happiness, wouldn't you be crazy not to give it a go?

1. Shapes and materials play a role.

Make every room a new adventure..... Graeme Fuller Design Ltd Modern Bedroom
Graeme Fuller Design Ltd

Make every room a new adventure… ..

Graeme Fuller Design Ltd

The first thing to know is that feng shui principles, in terms of choosing the right mirrors for your home, will refer to the shape and materials of said reflective surfaces! Circular mirrors, in particular, are seen as great omens and if you opt for gold frames, as a prime example, they are thought to draw wealth into your home! Simple shapes are best, as anything too fussy will block out all the good energy!

2. Concave mirrors create a different kind of reflection.

Concave mirrors are a fascinating choice and feng shui principles say that they are ideal for exterior surfaces, as they pull positive energy in towards the home! It's all terrifically common sense, when you stop to think about it, so how about something beautiful in your garden?

3. Convex mirrors act as a protective 'eye'.

Bespoke Round Convex Mirror Alguacil & Perkoff Ltd. Dressing roomMirrors
Alguacil & Perkoff Ltd.

Bespoke Round Convex Mirror

Alguacil & Perkoff Ltd.

At the other end of the scale, convex mirrors are said to have protective qualities, as they oversee the room they are placed in! Shutting our negative energy and influences, these beautiful installations are a wonderful focal point for a room too, so it's a win-win!

4. Where to hang your mirrors!

So, now that we know what styles of mirrors you should be looking for, we need to think about where to hang them, once they are in your possession! Depending on what type of good fortune you are hoping to attract and amplify, your placements should be as follows…

For good health and family cohesion, mirrors need to be hung in the easterly part of your, southeast spaces are great for attracting wealth and abundance and hang mirrors in the north part of your property for career and lifestyle improvements! If this works, we are SO into it!

5. Where to avoid hanging mirrors.

Before we finish up, we need to tell you where to absolutely avoid hanging mirrors. Naturally, everything to do with feng shui focuses on balance, so we couldn't tell you where you should hang your mirrors and just avoid the issue of bad placements. To negate negative energy, avoid these spots at all cost…

Mirrors in the south part of your home will bring notoriety, in a bad way, those directly facing your front door will draw unwanted guests and drama and mirrors placed in front of or above your bed will lead to an unharmonious relationship! Argh! AVOID!

For a little more feng shui inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Feng Shui tricks for the home.

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