Discover the best woods to use for an outdoor terrace

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Every garden can use a lovely terrace, but before you start commissioning a carpenter to create one for you, it's vital to understand which woods are best to use! Naturally, you want to make sure that your choices will be able to withstand environmental elements and you don't want to build something that will need replacing too regularly, which is why we've discovered which woods are best for every element of a terrific terrace. Come and take a look and then start planning a perfect garden addition of your own!

1. Pine for furniture.

Pine, despite being a softwood, is absolutely ideal for crafting pretty terrace furniture, as it is easy to manipulate, takes stain or paint well and can be adapted for, essentially, any style of design. From tables through to chairs, it really is your best bet!

2. Mexican ipe for style.

Mexican ipe might be a wood that you've never heard of, but if you want to take your terrace design to new heights, you should look into it! An exceptionally hard variety of wood, it can be difficult to turn and shape, but it will last a lifetime, with the right care and can handle intricate designs. How about using it to make a carved pergola?

3. Cherry and walnut for floors.

Your terrace floor really does need to be hardwearing and sturdy and it certainly isn't something you want to be replacing regularly, which is why cherry or walnut are 100% your best options. With regular staining and maintaining, these woods will last you forever and look incredibly decadent as well.

4. Upcycled wood for cost-effectiveness.

If you want a stunning terrace but don't want to bankrupt yourself in the process, a little bit of DIY could be the solution for you! Repurposing rough-sawn pine pallet wood as stylish terrace furniture is a fantastic idea and it is usually pressure treated already, which will make it hardy!

5. Stained wood for longevity.

Whatever varieties of wood you select, always think about how you will treat them. A simple stain or wood-specific paint will always be advisable, but do make sure that the wood you have selected will accept certain stains. You might even like to consider waxing your wood, as that is a terrific way to protect against the elements!

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