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Idyllic outdoor seating options

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To get the most out of your garden, you know that you need to make space for some lovely seating, but there are so many options, you might feel a little spoilt for choice! While your gardener or even interior designer could certainly lend a hand and offer their opinion as to what will look best in your outdoor haven, the choice is, ultimately yours, so we've selected a few of our favorite styles, to help you along. From cozy terrace sofas through to gorgeous gazebos, we have the best ideas to show you today, so come take a look and see what would be perfect for your garden!

1. Terrace lounges.

Perfect for when you want to add indoor comfort to your outdoor space, all-weather sofas are a brilliant investment. Choose rattan or something equally as easy to clean and you won't have to replace it for years! You can even add a coffee table, for the full lounge effect!

2. A covered pavilion.

How about affixing a little sun shade to your home and then just popping some chairs underneath it? Beautiful when it's sunny and you need to get out of the heat and just as enjoyable in the rain, it's the perfect solution and won't require a lot of your time or money!

3. A stylish pergola.

Pergolas are wonderful, but lots of them don't have roofs or walls. If you know that you want to sit out in your garden a lot more often than you currently do, consider a more boxed in style of pergola! They look amazing, offer a lot of practicality and aren't difficult to put together either.

4. Perfect pallet chairs.

If you aren't adverse to a little bit of DIY and are always looking for a new and fun project, how about taking on a pallet upcycle? You can always pick up old pallets very cheaply or even for free and can craft a design that's 100% perfect for you. What a bit of fun!

5. Understated and classic.

When all else fails, you can't go wrong with a wonderfully classic bistro dining set, complete with a parasol. If you want to add in some pretty accent colors, you can go all out with your cushion choices, or even add a funky table cloth as well. Simple doesn't have to mean boring, after all!

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Which of these styles really appeals to you?

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