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8 wooden houses that will get your attention

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Wooden houses often exude a warm nostalgic vibe. It has that refreshingly natural and calming atmosphere that makes wood one of the most fascinating materials to work with. It can be in perfect harmony with any genre of design if you know how to utilise it to the fullest. This is why it is empirical to consult architects and engineers who are specialists in this field so as not to encounter problems in the long run. If you're looking for a wooden house design then I guarantee that you won't be disappointed from what we're about to show you. 

1. Cabin home

This wooden house is a single-story compact home. The gable roof design extends from the main entrance door. Make the house look beautiful. The outer structure is lacquered brown. The window frames and doors are made of natural brown wood that is warm and inviting.

2. A monitor shed roof design

This house is surrounded by mountains covered with large trees and lush foliage is designed by HOUSE HABITAT. The company built a wooden house that is in harmony with the surrounding environment. With the stylish monitor shed roof design that is advantageous in terms of providing good air circulation inside the home. 

The garden is also planted with shrubs in a well manicured style. It's a perfect home for the perfect location. Imagine driving home to this beautiful wooden house with the beautiful scenic view of nature.

3. Wooden contemporary style home

Sam's Creek homify Modern Houses

Sam's Creek


We often see a flat roof box-type desin in modern houses but unbelievable as it may seem, this design can also be applied to a wooden house. The architect designed this home into a contemporary style U-shaped complex. The use of wood and glass create a stunning updated design that is in keeping with the warm tones that people are looking for in a home.

4. Treehouse

I'm sure you've dreamed of owning a tree house when you were a kid. So, why not try to build one now and fulfill that dream? Check out this unique tree house and see how you could build one that doesn't have ladders since they're quite dangerous to climb up on. Here we see a bridge along the elevated part of of the ground that connects to the treehouse. I bet you'll love the view from on top this beautiful non-invasive treehouse.

5. Treehouse interior

The interior design of the treehouse is very light and airy. An all-white design that emphasizes the beauty of nature and geometric shapes of the space. An elevated bed with a sunroof above it that allows you to view the stars at night. There are also comfortable cushions where you can lounge in.

6. Cottage style house

This distinct two-storey cottage style wooden home has a bright matte red color finish that makes it stand out in the neighborhood. It is further enhanced with sliding glass doors and windows. Even the window and door jamb are painted in the same color for a uniform look. A wonderful rustic style cottage that is strikingly beautiful.

7. Classic wooden house

Check out the atmosphere in this wooden house. See how the use of large windows and sunroofs create a light and airy atmosphere. Add to that, painting the wood with a whitewash creates that rustic but elegant appeal. 

8. Retro style wooden home

The ingenious use of shapes is able to draw attention to this house. Matching wood with a retro style of architecture as seen on the soft-edged rectangle that encapsulates the home. It has a nice terrace at the front for entertaining guests. The earthy tones of the wood also makes the space cozy that is fitting for a home.

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