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DEFPOINT STUDIO architettura & interni Living room
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A beach apartment or holiday home is more than just a home that is plonked by the sea. It's a place imbued with a sense of relaxation and freedom from everyday concerns. A great holiday home will induce you kick off your shoes and sink into a lounge chair by the sea, delve into a book, relax into long conversations or spend good quality time with youngsters.

While our experiences might feel airy and intangible, they are heavily influenced by the places we inhabit. Each of us has different ideas on how to relax, but most will agree that the ideal beach apartment will be simple, low-maintenance and encourage us to indulge in a little tranquillity.

So weather your ideal holiday involves reading, spending time with the people you love or simply exploring the sun, surf and sea, you're sure to find a seaside decor to suit your purposes. So come with us on a tour of some beautiful beach houses and apartments for lots of tips and holiday inspiration.

Employ a light colour scheme

Nothing quite awakens the holiday mood like the scents and colour of the sky and sea. This classic seaside home by Italian architects Defpoint Studio uses a colour scheme consisting of sea greens, pale blues, stone greys and lots of white. These tones are calming and reflect the great outdoors. But you're on holiday and there are no strict rules. Include a few pops of vibrant colours if you wish. Just remember that a light colour scheme is one of the single most powerful ways to create a breezy atmosphere and reflect lots of light.

Use just a few textiles

A true holiday home is no place for formality. For this reason, there's no need for heavy drapery or ornate finishes. Simple, crisp linens and cotton fabrics are key here. These fabrics possess the soft textures that reflect the natural theme of a classic beach home. They are also soft on our skin. The plain white curtains seen here are the perfect choice. The simple, unfussy curtain rail and the light-weight of the white fabric creates a pure, casual vibe that's perfect for this holiday home.

Great ventilation

Living room homify Living room

Living room


If you're in the design or renovation phase of creating your beach home, great ventilation is a key issue. Boxy rooms may be a great way to insulate from the heat, but they won't encourage you to get outside and enjoy nature! Smaller rooms also tend to hold lots of moisture and certainly do not help with the damp issues so common in seaside homes. For a lovely breezy look consider the bamboo walls used both internally and externally in this sophisticated resort style home. They work as a wind barrier, and create privacy while also allowing the free flow of air.

Fans and air conditioning designs

Beach apartments can get hot! While most people are obviously savvy with the benefits of air conditioning units, these boxy units don't really evoke the casual feeling of a holiday home. We would not dare to advise against decent air-conditioning, but old school fans are a lovely decorative addition. If you want a little old-fashioned tropical glamour, consider adding some wooden wicker fans like this.

Easy on the salt

Sea salt may be great for our skin, but it's incredibly hard on our homes. Roofing and steel products should be checked for their suitability. But the most obvious wear and tear will be on your floors. Any wooden finishes exposed to moisture should be treated with a professional water-resistant finish. But water isn't the only consideration. Children and adults alike tend to traipse in carrying fine sand particles that can easily scratch and damage most floors. Consider the durability, water-resistance and of course maintenance required in each product.

Easy washable surfaces

Altea Alcove by Varaschin Urbansuitehome Balconies, verandas & terraces Furniture

Altea Alcove by Varaschin


For our final tip, we'll cover the surfaces of your holiday home. This is meant to be a place to relax after all, and most people will want finishes that are easy to clean. Although linens and natural fibres are perfect for that bright and breezy look inside, your outdoor furniture will need to be water resistant and synthetic. These days there are plenty of stylish outdoor furniture options like this outdoor sofa by Urbansuitehome. With easy washable surfaces, all you should need to do on the last day of holiday is simple throw everything in the washing machine.

If you are interested in beach homes, you would love this Ideabook A Stylish Retirement Home by the Beach.

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