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bilune studio Living room
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The eclectic Italian villa featuring on homify today is the perfect example of how to create an ambiance of absolute luxury within a limited space. The layout of this free-standing home also offers ample inspiration for designing a luxury apartment. Created by the Rimini based architects from BILUNE STUDIO, this sassy home defies its size in exuding pizzazz.

The highlights of this home are unquestionably the modern steel staircase and accompanying glass-floored mezzanine. The architect team has teamed these masterpieces with an all-white interior & oodles of glossy accents to reflect true finesse.

Sounds amazing, no? Without further ado, let us have a peek into this wonderful home and take our pick for ideas to copy.

Green ritz of heartiness.

This lush garden terrace is yet another jazzy space. Furnished simplistically with elegant outdoor furniture, this space is ideal for entertaining guests, a family meal as well as that lazy Sunday brunch. The simple white-framed sliding doors, the uncomplicated dining set and the natural lines of the trees extend a warm invite of generosity. The palliative green wall, a BIG bonus for any urban terrace or balcony, adds lots of privacy sans taking up any floor space at all. Smart, isn’t it?

Escalating chrome singularity.

The modern steel staircase leading from the cozy living room to the upper level is a head-turner alright. Boasting of a rather complex modern design with lots of sharp angles, this one adds a whopping dollop of poise to this space. With an all-white decor & simple furnishings, this staircase offers the perfect focal point. It is really awesome, how the stairway draws the eye upwards to create an inspiring aesthetic.

Up, close & personal with clear magnificence.

Looking closely, you can’t help gushing at the spectacle of a staircase here. From this angle you can appreciate the unique design of the treads, risers and the railing. Both the treads & risers are made of sturdy transparent glass, which makes the staircase appear ultra-light & innovative. This superbly lightweight aesthetic is also a smart way to help avoid making a small living room feel closed in or low on dimensions.

Also visible is the wall with built-in TV cabinet & huge open bookcase.

Scaling designer heights.

This built-in bookcase makes the most of the added height; with the high ceilings, the extended height of the bookcase adds another element of functional elegance to the overall look. Note how it also works well within the slope of the ceiling.

Clarity of mezzanine charisma.

The mezzanine bears an exquisite glass floor that conveniently allows ample natural light to flow into the upper level. It also makes the mezzanine appear bigger & not cramped. The angle of the sloping roof has been smartly employed to add skylights. In this home, the focus is visibly on utilizing the height of the space.

Neat nobility.

The humble serenity & natural aesthetic of the bathroom is remarkable. The bathtub is free standing and its gentle curves bring a soothing stance into the room. The gentle panel light concealed in between the ceiling & the wall throws soft, diffuse light onto the wall. Just look at the long bench under the window! It adds plentiful storage convenience but does not take away from the pleasingly large windows letting in lots of natural light.

Which ideas from here are you taking home?

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