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Statement-making mosaic bathroom tiles

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Luxury Boutique Bathroom Lisa Melvin Design Modern Bathroom
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Looking for a unique design to make a bathroom stand out from the rest? Try adding mosaic bathroom tiles. Use glass, stone, tiles, and other materials to create works of art on the bathroom walls or floors. Play with colour to make playful patters that really pop. Or perhaps use neutral colours for a modern, minimalist feel. Go with a monochrome pattern, or perhaps add colour that gives the bathroom an island feel. The possibilites of looks are endless when coming with with design ideas for a mosaic bathroom. These mosaic bathroom tiles make the bathrooms themselves a piece of art.

Colour Play

Introduce colour with these eye catching mosaic tiles that give the bathroom a Southwestern feel. The tiles are all unique in design. They feature cool triangles, squares, swirls and a myriad of other patterns. In fact, most of the patterns don't even repeat which really makes the design unique and interesting.What brings the tiles together is they use similar colours. The designer chose to stick with shades of blues, burnt orange, browns and creams to ensure fluidity with the design. Keeping the pattern in one area of the room ensures the mosaic design is not too overpowering, and instead adds a creative touch to the bathroom.

Cool Blue Mosaic

Bathroom beach front homify Tropical style bathrooms

Bathroom beach front


The mosaic bathroom tiles in this room are an unexpected touch of colour and design. Used as a platform for the white porcelain sink, this arrangement of tiles makes the bathroom feel unique and stylish. The colours are cool, ranging from shades of blues, whites, and browns, and they help bring out the colours in the rest of the bathroom. The bathroom itself is modern and feels like a 5 star hotel. The mosaic tiles add personality and character to the room. The end result is a nice, eye catching flair on what would have been a more typical sink.

Mosaic Reflectors

Victorian Townhouse Etons of Bath Modern Bathroom
Etons of Bath

Victorian Townhouse

Etons of Bath

These mosaic tiles are unique in that the tiles have an iridescent look. The tiles feature deep colours of purples, blues, and yellows but they seem to change with the light of the room. Reflecting against the silver finishes of the bathroom, the mosaic tiles feel like a moving piece of art work. The bathroom ends up looking like a hip mood ring, creating its own personality and changing with the times. 

Sea Green Bathroom

These mosaic bathroom tiles make the area feel like an underwater sea oasis! Dive right into this eclectic play on colour with mosaic tiles that consume the floor, walls, and even ceiling of this bathroom area. The shades of greens, blues and hints of browns really make the bathroom come alive as each colour plays against the next. The use of the tiles on all of the walls, yet confined to this area of the bathroom adds to the uniqueness. It is certainly an eye catching bathroom.

Pop of Mosaic

Create a beautiful bathroom by designing a small statement piece with this area of mosaic tiles. Instead of choosing to populate an entire wall, or floor, or area of the bathroom, just one small strip is used next to the large mirror. The rest of the bathroom is painted a neutral colour. The mosaic tiles play with the neutral eggshell of the other walls, and adds patterns of blues to create a large statement piece. The mosaic tiles here almost don't feel like part of the wall, instead it feels like someone really hung up a piece of art work that happens to be the mosaic tiles. The small area used becomes the center piece of the room, all while keeping this bathroom classic and welcoming.

Bold Blue Design

These mosaic tiles play with blues and whites, almost making one feel they are in beautiful Santorini! The tiles flow with the solid blue painted wall, almost looking as if they are the exact same shade of blue. The tiles themselves feature intricate geometric designs and lines, repeating ever so often. The design continues to the ceiling, making this a large statement wall. The bathroom feels fresh, light and airy, and with its unique mosaic design, will quickly become a favourite room of the house.

Tropical Colours

These mosaic tiles add unique colour to the bathroom. The tiles feature playful oranges, yellows, reds and greys to creative a very tropical and playful look. Set against a cabinetry wall, the tiles don't feel like a backdrop but an integral piece of art instead. The colours liven up the space, creating light and energy within the bathroom. This tropical look could be created in any style bathroom, making a beach getaway feel a lot closer than it is!

Modern Mosaic

This bathroom is modern and mature in style and oh so cool. The cool grey colours feel minimalist in colour, playing well against the greys in the rest of the bathroom walls and floors. The mosaic tile designs are featured on two bathroom walls, creating a hip area of the room. The patterns consist of different shapes and lines, all using various shades of grey. Staying with the same colour but different patterns almost gives the wall a textured look. The end result is a modern, one of a kind bathroom.

Splashes of Grey

Does this mosaic pattern feature splashes of grey or splashes of white? That is the mystery in this edgy, unique bathroom. The mosaic tile pattern is played against every wall, literally creating a while space that feels like a capsule of art. The potential to be overwhelming with the pattern on all the walls was ruled out by using just two neutral colours of white and grey. Instead of being too crowded, it still has a very clean and modern look. The end result is a hip bathroom that feels cool, modern and hip.

Tetris Wall

Shower & Mosaic Wall Lisa Melvin Design Modern Bathroom
Lisa Melvin Design

Shower & Mosaic Wall

Lisa Melvin Design

These mosaic tiles almost have a feel of the classic game of tetris, with its various shades of blues and whites. Taking over one large wall the design flows onto the bathroom floor, almost like liquid. The rest of the bathroom is painted white, making this statement wall stand out even more. The bold colours do not feel too overpowering or too crowded as they play well with the whites of the rest of the bathroom.This one statement wall is truly making a large statement. The cool blue hues make the room feel calming and welcoming, all while being a huge eye catcher.

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