14 bed styles that you would want to add to your home

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The concept of restricting furniture to its dedicated formal space is passé as versatile furniture is increasingly becoming a hot favorite. In line with the same, good old bed is no longer restricted to the bedroom. These days, multifunctional beds are in vogue and interior designers & room decorators are coming up with innovative placement ideas for the beds apart from the conventional bedroom.

Gardens, media rooms and study rooms are some of the popular new addresses where you can find the bed in the right design fit for the room. Quite naturally, it follows that the number of bed styles is simply limitless and you are spoiled for choices of bed to be accommodated in your living spaces. Different shapes like squarish, round, rectangular are available in a number of materials that you can conveniently match with the style you room is adorned with- be it modern, classic, rustic, colonial, and so on.

Today homify brings to you 14 such amazing bed styles that you can choose from, to bedeck your bedroom, children’s room, outdoor lounge, garden, etc. and cause some serious home envy to your visitors. These unique, breathtakingly beautiful and wonderfully restful bed styles are sure to make you go wow and your neighbors, green. So, scroll down and take a good look for the next potential addition to your home!

1. Luxurious headboard & ample comfort -conventionally romantic.

2. Cozy cocoon for absolute repose.

3. Cushy relaxation beckons the bookworm in you!

4. Industrial touch lends snug singularity.

5. Natural rusticity meets handcrafted nostalgia.

6. Warmth of custom uniqueness & contemporary nobility.

7. Space saving 2-in-1 comfort for sudden pally times.

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8. Pallet panache- comfortable upcycled chic convenience.

9. Game for coziness amidst green relief?

10. Bohemian suggestions add to well rounded naturalistic relaxation.

11. Designer smartness for majestic versatility.

12. Go high on luxury with low & wide!

13. How about this phenomenal romantic fantasy?

14. Homespun timber grace for sturdy comfort.

Which one did you pick for your cozy space?

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