A family home that's the whole package (with floor plans!)

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Family homes need to master the art of being practical and pretty, which on paper, might not sound like an impossible equation to solve, but you'd be surprised! So many properties negate space for aesthetics or fall into the trap of maximizing interior rooms, while disregarding the finished look, but today, we're going to show you a room that has made no compromises at all. Room after room in this home, you'll witness the most incredible blend of beauty and functionality and we would love to high-five the architects that managed to navigate this tricky design, but instead, we'll simply show you the fruits of their labors and see if you are as impressed as we are! Let's get started!

A cornerstone of curb appeal.

If we saw a home like this one, in person, we'd stop and drink it in for a moment. Clearly spacious, it has a bold streak of contemporary style running through it and while clearly a property big enough for a growing family, it hasn't scrimped on the luxury touches, such as balconies and an integrated garage. Intriguing…

As stunning from the back.

We used to assume that architects saved all their best motifs for the front of their designs, but now, you can see that the rear views are just as well considered. Not only that, but with more balconies, a gorgeous built-in covered terrace and a fabulous swimming pool, you can see just how right we were to say that this home has it all!

Gorgeous in gray.

We all know that gray is the new neutral that everybody needs to have in their home, so it doesn't come as a surprise to us that a home this innovative has already made great use of it! Amplifying the generous proportions of this living room, the color palette has helped to create such an understated yet cozy space! Just look at all the low-level furniture as well!

Bringing the heat!

Spin around in this living room and you'll come face-to-face with a fabulously contemporary fireplace that offers year-round warmth and a focal point like no other! We applaud the use of natural wood detailing, which brings in a far softer aesthetic, which we all know is a must for a family home.

Continuation of a theme.

As well as the generous room sizes and gorgeous facade, what really impresses us about this home is the determined commitment to stick to the gray, white and natural wood theme. It should have looked a little cold and stark, but in reality, a cacophony of bright and beautiful spaces has been created!

Ground floor plans.

The key to a high-functioning family home is to create an easy relationship between communal spaces, which the architects here have done with a real aplomb! Giving priority to the living and dining room area was inspired, but wait until you see the more private spheres, upstairs.

First floor plans.

With three bedrooms and two generous bathrooms, this upper floor is ideal for a growing family! Things take an even more impressive turn when you see that the largest two bedrooms have access to generous private balconies!

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Can you picture your family living in a home like this one?

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