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Floor coverings are an important part of furnishing the house and the options are countless. Vinyl flooring, tiles, wood in different tonalities, concrete, floor laminates, cork or simply a chic carpet- as per the room design, the wide range of alternatives spoils you for choices. 

However, when faced with making the floor selection best suited for each room, most of us tend to fall back on the tacit conventional rule - tiles for the bathroom and kitchen floors, carpets in the living room, bedrooms and children's room. But all this is passé.  Home professionals like interior architects, interior designers, room decorators and planners vouch for modern flooring styles that make it possible to conveniently implement the client’s wish, making floor design very flexible. It has of late become a cakewalk to go for individual design options from the living room through the hallway to the bathroom spaces, letting you unleash your creative imagination to the fullest irrespective of the design of your interior home spaces.

This homify story offers 6 marvelous flooring ideas for different home spaces for you to pick your favorites. Have a close peek!

1. Setting a chic hearty trend.

Sturdy, easy to clean and plentifully chic, this modern, divided flooring style combines comfort with practicality. The tiled work area of the kitchen is complemented by the comfy concrete floorboards of the dining area. 

2. Tiled poise is far from boring.

Considered to be among the best floor coverings for the hallway/ corridors, tiles boast of a high endurance and are available in a wide variety of designs. In narrow & dark corridors, large tiles add a cordial vibe of light. Mosaic, patterned & playful styles can be conveniently employed for a dash of creativity.

3. How about an ambiance of feel-good warmth?

Treated oak wood floors like this one defy the increased humidity in the bathroom, apart from ringing in oodles of welcoming, warm winsomeness.

4. Dazzling natural elegance, anyone?

The glossy dark wooden floor adds a classic charisma to the living spaces. Properly surface treated with oil/ wax, these natural floors are endowed with the ability to breathe.

5. Bedroom versatility- carpeted, concrete, or both- the choice is yours!

The bedroom is one home space where all floor coverings look great, be it lush carpets, laminates, concrete or mineral floors. Smooth floors are especially good for spacious & open rooms; you could also decorate the area housing & around the bed with carpets. In this image, the single-colored, gray carpet matches the palette of the rest of the furnishings and fits perfectly into the design scheme.

6. At the little majesty’s service.

Flooring in the children's room needs to be easy to maintain, sturdy, well insulated and somewhat acoustic. The cork floor, meeting all these requisites, is the ideal one to adorn the kiddie zone.

Another healthy option is the natural wood floor on which cozy mats & plant fiber rugs can be laid out to enhance the comfort of the little ones.

How do your floors add to that homey modishness? Share with us in comments!

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