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Oftentimes while decking up the interior spaces, we tend to overlook the ceilings and leave it conventionally white. Room decorators, designers and interior design professionals agree that a little bit of experimentation or innovation in any element of the room goes a long way in enhancing the overall appearance of the room, and ceilings are no different. Be it any style- modern, rustic, country, classic, Asian or colonial- that adorns the living spaces like the dining room, living room, bedroom, conservatory, etc., the ceilings can always be given a fresh sass employing light, color, wallpaper, etc.

A number of materials like wood, glass, ceramics, etc. can be conveniently used to deck up the ceiling and add to the room decor, whether it is a social space or a private one. Today’s homify account brings to you 8 such wonderful ideas to deck up your ceilings with a novel touch, and make it a solid ground to cause some serious home envy to the visitors & neighbors alike. Take a peek!

1. Classic noble warmth in a romantic country style.

2. Starry sparkles all the way!

3. Daring mix of styles with a garnish of rusticity.

4. Woody elegance meets radiant modishness.

5. Suspended for luminous coziness.

6. Lined with designer brilliance for lavish poise.

7. Canopy comfort- fancy adornment meets illuminated finesse.

8. How about some 3D ritz with good old wallpaper?

Which of these ceiling ideas are you planning to copy?

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