10 tips to make your bedroom look modern and cool

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Choosing the right decor style for your bedroom can seem like a tricky task, but if you do finally plump for a modern and fresh feel, then we have all the advice you need to really capture the essence perfectly. Interior designers are absolute geniuses, when it comes to creating bright, beautiful and modern bedrooms, which is why we've found some gorgeous projects to illustrate what you need to do to garner a comparable result. Get ready to give your bedroom a seriously modern revamp, as you won't be able to resist, after seeing these lovely modern bedroom designs!

1. Use bright and neutral colors.

Pastels are, essentially, the new neutrals in terms of bedroom design, so fresh pinks, beautiful baby blues and gorgeous mint greens are all a brilliant choice for a modern bedroom. Freshen the look even more by having white walls contrasting with accent bed linens in a pastel shade.

2. Make it more open-plan.

Removing some of the walls in your bedroom and creating an open-plan sleeping/en suite space is the ultimate in genius, modern bedroom ideas. Just imagine being able to go straight from your bed to a lovely bath!

3. Maximize the amount of natural light.

If you have a good amount of natural light flowing into your bedroom, you really need to make more of it! Try to remove any fussy window dressings and opt for simpler, more elegant touches, such as wooden Venetian blinds or plain drapes.

4. Add some natural materials.

Nothing creates a modern aesthetic quite like natural materials in your bedroom! The most impactful among them is wood, as it is a steadfast, classic and stunning addition, which adds just enough warmth to look really cozy and striking, without being too fussy or overwhelming. A wooden bed is a great way to go!

5. Use subtle accent hues.

You don't have to stick to white and pastels to get a modern bedroom, but do be careful with the colors you add in. Subtle accessories, such as throw cushions, are the perfect way to inject a little controlled color, but try to use fabulous materials, to keep the luxury vibe alive.

6. Keep things simple.

You don't need to embrace minimalism to enjoy a stylish and modern bedroom, but reducing the amount of clutter that you have will help to simplify your aesthetic no end. Instead of numerous small accessories, focus on statement, large items that have presence and significance. 

7. Build a stylish bed.

If you're on a tight budget but still want to embrace a modern look for your bedroom, building your own bed is a wonderful way to go. A pallet design would be incredibly cost-effective, simple to construct and yet really beautiful. It would also be a great way to go for cool bedroom ideas using wood! 

8. Consider a feature wall.

A terrific modern design motif is to paint three of your bedroom walls and hang statement wallpaper on the fourth. Try to maintain a neutral color palette and experiment with texture or patterns. Geometrics are a really popular and contemporary trend.

9. Go all out with the lighting.

No modern bedroom would be complete without some spectacular lighting, so think about choosing integrated bedside options. Lamps that mount directly to your headboard, with concealed wiring, are perfect for a really contemporary aesthetic, while also creating a romantic ambience.

10. Finish things with cozy textiles.

Finally, don't think that you need to negate comfort and coziness in order to get a modern look in your bedroom, as luxury textiles are an absolute must and add in just enough softness! We're talking about deep-pile rugs, high thread count bed linens and even faux fur throws, all of which are wonderfully cozy.

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The role of color in modern bedroom design

Like with any other room, the color palette dictates the overall ambiance and environment in the bedroom. It can also help in creating the illusion of space, adding depth or even infusing warmth into the bedroom to make it cozy. The image we see here is from an apartment in New York, with an ultra-modern, minimalist vibe. The white, grey and beige colors present in the bedroom give it a cool and elegant look, with the subtle contrasts between the light and darker tones adding depth to a relatively small room. The minimal use of accessories add to its sophistication.

In contrast, this renovated apartment, also in New York, has a vibrant and contemporary look with the bright toned wall and patterned furnishings distracting from the limited space in the bedroom. What it lacks in area, in more than makes up with a warm and cozy ambiance.

Are you tempted by a modern bedroom design now?

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