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Palimpsest Marian Bijlenga ArtworkSculptures
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We live in a world of options and choice, especially when it comes to decorating our much-loved and cherished home interiors. These days, there are so many different tools, ideas, choices and selections to be made with regard to what we put into our homes, from furniture to colour tone, accessories to materials, and beyond. Imagination truly is the limit, which is really the best mantra for any home renovation, remodelling or re-design project—especially when it comes to this topic!

Of all the many choices and options, a little well-selected artwork can be a fantastic addition to our home interiors, whether it’s in our public and social spaces like the living room or lounge, or our sleeping areas and more intimate rooms. Art loves to live in our homes; the question is: what kinds of art do you like? And what style will work the best?

Today on homify, we’re getting our artistic brushes out to take a look through a variety of fabulous interior artwork designs. From modern to rustic, Scandinavian to colonial, there’s a piece of art out there that will work wonderfully for your home. Take a wander through, get a feel for the range of ideas out there, and get excited and inspired about transforming your home into a fabulous artful domain!

A little contemporary touch

For those who like to live in the present, prefer the new school to the old school, and consider themselves right on the pulse of the latest trends and styles, look no further than a little contemporary flourish. While there’s much to love and be said about the wonderful work of the many centuries past, there’s something delightfully fresh about contemporary work too. Depending on the existing style and setup of your home, it could be the perfect fit.

Contemporary art basically describes any artwork, whether painted, sculpted or otherwise, created in the present time. Here, in this fabulous example, we see an interior staircase come to life with the addition of this wonderful piece of contemporary art. A play on the classic post-War Time Life photo, V-J Day in Times Square, by Alfred Eisenstaedt, this piece makes a fabulous talking point and, from a purely aesthetic perspective, wonderful addition to this elegant stairwell: bright, vivid, evocative and, above all, good fun!

Thinking about introducing a few pieces of artwork into your domestic abode, but struggling to make a choice? Unsure, perhaps, where to begin with the search? With these sorts of things it’s always a great idea to gain as much advice and information as possible – why not chat to a professional to help put you on the right track?

Classic and brilliant

Bedroom wall mural Transform a Wall ArtworkPictures & paintings
Transform a Wall

Bedroom wall mural

Transform a Wall

While the example here might have been produced in the present time, it alludes to a far more classical variety of art: elegant, pure, graceful and in tune with the natural world. 

Large-scale feature pieces such as these, whether painted or photographed, make for stunning additions to any bedroom, or living room set up. They evoke worlds and give the rooms of your house added depth and dreaminess, inducing a fabulous mood while contributing to an incredible ambiance. Whether it’s blossom trees or beach scenes, keep it classic, go for ‘big’ and transform your interior into a bona fide artistic wonderland.

Modest minimalism

Palimpsest 8- 2007- 260 x 285 cm, horsehair, fabric, stitched Marian Bijlenga ArtworkSculptures
Marian Bijlenga

Palimpsest 8- 2007- 260 x 285 cm, horsehair, fabric, stitched

Marian Bijlenga

The beauty of art is its ability to cater to all tastes, no matter how ‘out there’ or unique they might be. For those who aren’t too savvy with the ‘more is more’ approach, nor too into the more conservative and traditional styles of artwork available, a sense of modest minimalism could be just what they need.

Here, we see a fabulous fusion of the contemporary with a distinct sense of the minimal: bright and electic, unique and interesting, without going overboard in the way that a full-scale print or image might do otherwise. Here, minimal and contemporary provide a delicate and delightful fusion of taste.

Scandinavian style

We often talk about Scandinavian style, which generally refers to the sort of aesthetic commonly found in Nordic homes, such as in Sweden and Denmark. There’s a fine, markedly ‘Scandinavian’ quality to the style endemic of these locations, often to do with a pointed fusion of the aesthetic and the functional.

With it’s printed designs, trade off between white wood and bold red, and the inclusions of this fabulous Nordic-inspired deer artwork for the wall, this is a fine example of a little Scandinavian flourish that could work just as well in your home, as in and around the fjords of Norway.

Rustic charm

If your home lends itself well to the idea, why not consider implementing a little rustic style to your home interior? Rustic, closely tied to the ‘country’ style, really involves an aesthetic that appreciates the outdoors and raw materials, often through hard timber, tin, iron and other pre-loved metals.

The great outdoors is certainly represented in this neat example, with the animal motif continuing nicely, thanks to the presence and inclusion of these wall-bound deer and elk, coloured in rustic tones to produce an effortlessly impressive addition to this already well-appointed interior dining room space.

Fabulous eclectic array

Remember: the imagination is the limit when it comes to interior art, so it’s really up to you as to what sort of additions you want to enjoy in the presence of your own private spaces each and every day. To keep things fresh, think outside the box, and consider inviting in a decadent sense of the eclectic to spice up your living areas.

The designers in this great living room certainly did when they introduced this fabulous installation: a floor to ceiling painted structure with floral design and opaque materials, blending a fusing with the lovely aquamarine flooring and Moroccan-inspired couches and coffee table. Eclectic artwork really can be lucid, inviting and fun.

Refined industrial class

Fine Art Architectural Photography - Black and White FABIODEFARRO - Architectural Photography ArtworkPictures & paintings
FABIODEFARRO —Architectural Photography

Fine Art Architectural Photography—Black and White

FABIODEFARRO - Architectural Photography

Of course, not all homes are designed with a sense of dreaminess and the exotic in mind. Many interior styles and motifs rely instead on a more austere and refined ambiance, and any artistic additions would do well to keep within these bounds.

Here, we see a neat example of what’s possible: a wonderfully unique, understated industrial piece that blends in with the light tones and feature furniture of this elegant modern home. For a more subtle and careful approach, choose evocative noir pieces such as this one, and make the piece work well within your given space.

Did you enjoy that Ideabook? Why not keep the artful ideas flowing with a look at 6 tips on how to add contemporary art to your home?

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