The mind-boggling makeover of this drab 70s home

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Our ‘before and after’ piece for today focuses on a family home that was built somewhere in the 1970s, which means one thing only: it’s a bit outdated.

Yup, and that is exactly why the professionals over at 2KN Architekt + Landschaftsarchitekt in Krefeld were asked to come up with a brand new design that could make the house (and its residents) feel much more welcome in the 21st century.

But before we start the show: this isn’t a makeover that consisted solely of a new paint job and some landscaping touches; we’re talking one major refurbishment!

Before: The home from the 70s

As we can see, the house, although a bit outdated, did show some potential and a few cute factors, especially with brick-clad façade in a snow-white hue, the pitched roof and the quaint little garden.

Work in progress

Enter the building team to kick off the renovation project!

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Work in progress

But what’s this? The house seems to have been torn down! Yup, as we said earlier, this isn’t your everyday spruce-up project, for it was decided that a new modern look had to go hand in hand with a new modern house!

After: The front façade

What a beauty! And yes, this is the same house, or rather the same project, but you will be forgiven for thinking we’ve switched over to another discovery.

Just have a look at all the brand-new touches flaunting modern style, and how much more spacious the front yard and driveway areas have become.

After: The rear façade

The back of the house is just as impressive as the front, and would you agree when we say that it looks a tad futuristic as well?

Just look at those generous windows and glass doors linking up the indoor space with the outdoors, not to mention that terrific terrace that, we are sure, sees its faire share of al fresco entertaining. 

Most certainly a makeover project to brag about! 

And speaking of makeover, just see how This grey garden becomes a bold and bright patio.

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