A garden that overcame its limitations

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A small and shady garden can be a real nightmare in terms of garnering a beautiful floral display, just ask any gardener and they'll tell you that, but with the help of a talented professional, you will be able to make so much more of an unfortunate plot. Today, we're going to show you a very unfortunate patch of land that is almost always in the shade, but was still brought to life with inspired plant choices and striking planters to be so much more than a dark and gloomy garden. This will definitely be inspiration fodder for any of you dealing with a similar patch of land, so let's take a look and see what can be done!

Before: kept in the dark.

What a sad excuse for a garden! No plants, very little sun and not even a hint of pretty fencing have left this patch of land in a very sorry state!

During: creating some structure.

With an uneven surface to work with, levelling the ground was priority number one, after clearing the deadwood and debris that was here before! This must have been the most labor-intensive part of the project.

During: marking out the plot.

With the ground evened out and a good coating of top soil and fertilizer laid, planning could really begin in earnest. There are mature trees to take into account, but other than that, what a great blank canvas!

During: adding some drainage.

No garden project can really begin in earnest without effective drainage in place. This might seem like an optional step, but it really isn't! We know it looks a bit scary, but it's worth a few extra days of work!

During: designing the planters.

In a bid to make the most of every nuance of sunlight that does creep into this space, a little height needed to be employed, which is why these charming wooden planters are inspired! We think we see an automatic watering system being added too! Perfect for lazy gardeners.

During: laying out the plants.

Getting the perfect layout for your plants is key, which is why placing them on top of your ground, without planting them, allows you to get a feel for how everything will look as they bed in and grow!

During: creating some ground cover.

Oh wow! Is this going to be a luscious display of greenery, with an imprinted path? What a brilliant idea! Hardy grasses and good ground covering plants don't normally need too much light, so what a perfect choice!

During: adding more greenery.

With everything mocked up, attention was turned to the planters. Filled with top soil and plotted out, we think we see some herbs here! Now that really WOULD be a brilliant idea!

After: a vibrant display.

There's no denying that this is a beautiful display of greenery! The height of the planters has really allowed for a vivid and luscious bed to be created, which stretches up to enjoy every drop of sun. 

After: amazing color.

Just look at how well the path has been embedded here! With some bustling beds and colorful blooms, it just goes to show that you really don't need the sunshine to have a gorgeous and ready-to-use garden!

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Are you feeling more confident about taking on a shady garden project now?

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