7 totally unforgettable bathtubs!

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When it comes to making a splash in your bathroom, you know that the star of the show has to be a really unusual designer bathtub, right? Of course you need the functionality to be there, but more than that, you want a really striking aesthetic as well, otherwise your bathroom can become a little bit of an afterthought, in terms of design and style. Bathroom planners are keen for us all to start thinking of these spaces as extra potential for expressing our personal and unique tastes and once you see the tubs that we've selected for you today, we think you'll be onboard with the idea! Let's get started!

1. Doused in rainwater!

Have you ever seen a bathtub like this one before? The circular design and outdoor location are both incredible facets in their own right, but look at that overheard shower as well! With a gentle spritz effect that would feel like rainfall, we love the really organic and natural vibe of the whole installation.

2. Sculptural style.

This is unlike any other two-in-one bath and shower units that we have seen, as it is nothing short of modern art! The tub almost looks like a throne and that shower extension! Wow! We sure wouldn't mind a bath with a view like this one either!

3. Outdoors but not.

So charming! Flanked by two semi-indoor garden areas, this sunken bath is the ultimate in luxury bathing, don't you think? The plinth is super clever as well, as it allows for easy ventilation that doesn't spoil the aesthetic in place. Everything is just so zen here!

4. Monochrome spa vibes.

A huge white tub, complete with hot tub jets and and a devilish black wooden surround looks so elegant and striking here! Let's not downplay the effect of the glass bathroom walls as well though! This is a bath with a seriously beautiful view!

5. A bath below the stairs.

Now THIS is an unusual placement for a bath! We don't think we've ever seen a tub located under a staircase before, at least not in an open-plan home which means the bath would be on full view all of the time! Now we have seen one, we don't think we'll be able to get it out of our heads!

6. Under the stars.

Placed directly under a light well, this unusual capsule-shaped bath is not only beautiful and ergonomic, it is also the shining central feature of the whole room! With side-mounted taps in place, this really is a fresh take on the freestanding bath trend and we LOVE it!

7. Contemporary bathing.

The shape of this bath, coupled with the slim material, starkly modern tap and neutral wider decor just works to perfection. We've never seen such a delicate style of bath and it looks so beautifully designed to support your neck and back as you bathe. Amazing!

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Which was your favorite bath style here?

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