10 gorgeous bathrooms with a certain something!

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It would be easy to assume that all bathrooms kind of looks the same, what with certain motifs ALWAYS being in place, but we have found a host of fantastic spaces that want to put that myth to bed! The bathroom planners that created these sumptuous and beautiful spaces clearly wanted to to set them apart from more bog-standard (please excuse the pun!) rooms and wow, did they succeed or what? Come with us now as we show you exactly what makes these terrific home spas so special and why not think about adopting a similar approach for your next bathroom upgrade?

1. A sunken concrete bath.

Anyone can have a white freestanding tub, but how many bathrooms have you seen with a sunken concrete number? Add in a matching concrete shower and you have industrial chic on a whole other level!

2. Wall-to-wall storage.

Delicious! The white vanity unit here has been built to perfectly fit this wall niche, creating a seamless and smooth look, as well as offering as much storage as possible. Choosing to forego handles was absolutely the right decision too!

3. That wallpaper though!

It's a bold move to add brazen wallpaper to a bathroom, but seeing these stripes makes us realize that it's a risk well worth taking! So unusual and eye-catching, we love the way it offers the perfect backdrop for some chunky accessories, such as the mirror, too!

4. Barely-there accessories.

Le contemporain épouse l’ancien, mllm mllm Eclectic style bathroom

Just wow. Not only is the skylight here a total triumph, but just look at what a startling addition the clear elements are! A slimline and crystal clear shower screen, plus a transparent chair just up the modern art factor of this bathroom no end!

5. Amazing lighting.

Naturally, lighting is key to a bathroom being usable and we have to say that we are in love with these hanging pendulums! Simple, chic and unfussy, they really complement the wider styling and look so much more interesting than wall lights!

6. Ultra contemporary walls.

The super smooth plaster in this bathroom, finished in white, makes for a terrifically contemporary look, but add in an entire wall of mirrors and there is no getting away from how sleek and understated the finished styling is! So many people would have tried to add different textures here, so this is bold!

7. Monochrome accents.

Lots of people try to inject warmer tones into a bathroom, to prevent a cold and unfriendly feel from creeping in, but this space has made great use of monochrome detailing! Looking crisp and cool, rather than soft and inviting, we love how classic and stoic it is!

8. Pops of color.

A lot of us make the mistake of injecting bold color into our bathrooms by using it on every wall, but here, we see the impact of the occasional splash! Talk about making sure all eyes are on certain areas and what a way to contrast a really natural and rustic building!

9. Comfort and style!

Ok, so this really is an unusual idea! Instead of a bathmat, a full-size and deep pile rug has been added, which totally transforms the whole space! We love the idea of adding motifs more commonly associated with living rooms, into bathrooms!

10. The power of plants.

A lot of people have one or two plants in their bathrooms, but how about adding a veritable indoor jungle? A great way to add in an organic aesthetic and some expert moisture control, we are definitely going to copy this idea and go wild with the plants in our bathrooms too!

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Did any of these ideas really appeal to you?

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