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10 stunning kitchen floors

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Choosing the right kitchen floor can make all the difference between a cohesive, functional room and one that is simply not fit for purpose. From colours and finishes through to styles and durability, there are endless possibilities for injecting personality and style into kitchen floors, all it takes is some inspiration and a clear, defined vision of how your finished kitchen should look and function.

Durable and dynamic

Picture concrete and what comes to mind? Stylish, elegant and easy to maintain kitchen floors may not be your first answer, but it should be as polished concrete has become one of the most popular finishes for kitchen floors everywhere. Ideal for busy, high traffic kitchens and family homes, polished concrete is a neutral finish that can be quickly cleaned, but remains attractive enough to be installed into any state of the art modern kitchen too.

Vinyl va va voom

The more finished version of traditional linoleum, vinyl makes a wonderful covering for all kitchen floors and has the added benefit of coming in a vast array of colours and patterns. Easily cut and shaped to fit any space, vinyl is malleable while also being wipe clean and understated enough to not detract from any hand built cabinets or extra special finishing touches with a kitchen space.

Terrific tiles

Porthleven LEIVARS Kitchen



One of the more traditional choices for kitchen floors, tiles are popular for a number of reasons. They are easy to lay, readily available, come in endless styles and feel comfortable underfoot. If you have a defined style or colour scheme in mind, there will be some tiles to match and not only that, they are simple to lay, even for the most novice of DIY enthusiast and make a striking impression when completed. 

Precision parquet

Project 820 Artichoke Modern Kitchen

Project 820


For a touch of old world beauty in the most functional room of the house, wooden parquet flooring blocks are beyond compare. Wonderful due to their lack of uniformity, parquet blocks bring a warmth and rustic quality to kitchen floors that can only be found in the utilisation of natural materials. Left unpainted, parquet kitchen floors take on the tones and hues of the cabinets surrounding them and make for wonderfully organic and constantly evolving installations.

Fabulous floorboards

Country House in Tenterden Bandon Interior Design Kitchen
Bandon Interior Design

Country House in Tenterden

Bandon Interior Design

In a similar way to the parquet kitchen floors above, wooden floorboards inject some traditional rustic charm into kitchens and make them infinitely more 'homely'. Best suited to kitchens that will see a lot of traffic, they are likely to become marked and scratched over time, so are best installed into country style or family rooms. Kitchen floors that have a lot of character are wonderful, but really only work in certain homes. If you are keen to maintain perfection, these may not be for you.

Gorgeous granite

Free Standing Country Kitchen Samuel F Walsh Furniture Kitchen
Samuel F Walsh Furniture

Free Standing Country Kitchen

Samuel F Walsh Furniture

Though technically tiles, these granite slabs are fantastic for kitchen floors. Offering depth of colour, natural beauty and variation as well as an incredibly hardwearing surface, granite kitchen floors look suitably high end and perfectly at home in small terraced houses and large estates alike. Especially versatile, granite adapts to underfloor heating especially well, transmitting much-needed warmth in winter effortlessly.

Lovely laminate

All the natural beauty and warmth of real wood, but with less susceptibility to damage, laminate flooring is ideal for all kitchen floors. If a wood effect is not what you're after, but a simple clip and lock installation system appeals, then laminate is still a suitable option as it is now available in a myriad of styles, including natural stone. Warm, comfortable underfoot, easily repaired and simple to clean, laminate kitchen floors might be a modern solution, but they are still vastly undervalued.

Lay some Lino

Linocork (Cork & Linoleum) Granorte Walls & flooringWall & floor coverings

Linocork (Cork & Linoleum)


Say the words 'kitchen floors' and one product will always spring to mind: Linoleum! Finding popularity in the past, Lino is enjoying something of a revival in fortunes due to the increase in styles and colours available. Add to this the fact that retro styling has become exceptionally popular in recent years and Lino, such as that pictured here from Granorte, is once again a product of choice for kitchen floors.

Mosaic wonderland

It's not just walls that can benefit from colour and brazen pattern, kitchen floors can too! This striking floor offers a focal point for the room, while allowing for a more neutral wall and cupboard scheme. A perfect solution for any uneven floors, a pattern such as this will disguise any imperfection in the surfaces of kitchen floors but it will heavily dictate any future decorating, so bear that in mind when opting for a daring choice such as this!

Painted perfection

We've already established that wooden floorboards make fabulous kitchen floors, but what if the material appeals but the finish or colour doesn't? The simple solution is to paint the floorboards a suitable colour! This clean and modern kitchen loses nothing by including natural wooden boards, thanks to a coat of white paint to match them to the cabinets. Were they left natural, the boards would have made for a far different aesthetic that would not have worked as well with the purple accents. 

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