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A modern garden design that really gets back to nature

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If you like well-sculpted gardens, but think that something a little more organic and natural would suit you better, we have a fantastic project to show you today! On first glance, you would be forgiven for assuming that the gardeners have simply let nature reclaim this wonderful outdoor space, but in reality, the aesthetic is all part of an ingeniously curated plan to mix crisp hardscaping with soft, natural and wild plants. We love the way that the house here is almost perfectly camouflaged by the garden, but enough of what we like; let's take a look and see what you love the look of and could consider imitating in your own garden!

The grand lead-up.

As driveways and paths go, this is a wonderfully understated one that still manages to look really special. A neat path is flanked by fledgling and mature trees, tidy lawns and wild grasses and they really soften the rugged stone walls.

Perfectly proportional.

Just look at the way all of these hardscaping elements blend together to look so tonally perfect! The mix of raised beds, steps and wooden boards all look so lovely and really mirror the house design as well.

Amazing symmetry.

This is one of the pictures that shows how curated the space actually is, as you can now see that the plants either side of the path are perfectly mirrored! Not as wild as you first thought, eh?

Tonally terrific.

With so much naturally ageing wood at this site, it was an inspired choice to use plants that would offer some warmer tones. Just look at the way the reddish-brown contrasts with the gray cladding here! Wow!

Fiery color!

The hits just keep on coming! The vibrant and fiery tones of these plants are just firing up our imaginations no end… quite literally!

Luscious long grass.

In the wider and more open plains of the garden, you can see that longer wild grass varieties have been used, to create a soft blanket of flora that really amplifies the beauty of the house.

Contrasting designs touches.

With so much softness elsewhere, this perfectly manicured and maintained section of garden really stands out! Is there a better combination than rugged natural stone and vivid grass? We don't think so!

Back to the stone age.

Just look at how these steps and the wall perfectly complements the design of the house! Wow, it just has such a cohesive feel and the integrated lighting is so delicate yet impactful as well!

Reflected beauty.

You know you've found a staggeringly pretty garden when it even looks unbelievable at night! The way the trees reflect in the water is just so elegant!

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