Kitchen islands you'd love to be marooned on

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Nothing finishes a beautiful kitchen off quite a gorgeous island, but do you know how many different styles and varieties there are out there? We didn't, until we started looking into them! Professional kitchen planners have been really taking things up a notch with the designs they have been including in clients' homes and we think you'll be blown away by some of the more funky styles, which is why we've brought some of them together now, to inspire you! Whether you want a statement counter, dramatic lighting or bags of extra storage, we have a great solution for you, right here, so let's dive in and take look!

1. Stone cold beauty.

We don't think we can possibly say enough great things about this island! Thick-cut rugged stone sat on top of brushed stainless steel cabinets makes for a truly staggering and eye-catching design that would be a valid focal point in ANY home. 

2. Illuminating innovation.

Integrating some piquant lighting into your kitchen island is a wonderful way to make sure that there is brilliant illumination flow in your space, despite a large central feature being in place. We are a little in love with this neon blue look that feels fresh and funky!

3. Classical perfection.

Finished in gloss monochrome and matching the kitchen cabinets perfectly, this island is everything a high-end space needs! The extra slice of counter space has added the potential for a breakfast bar too, which must be such a handy addition!

4. Industrial inspiration.

Beautiful! Stainless steel deep drawers and a chunky white counter look nothing short of phenomenal here and show that there really is an island for every style of home! An integrated sink takes the practicality up a notch as well, but it's the size that blows us away here!

5. Extended integration.

This is an amazing idea! From a kitchen counter through to an island and into a dining table, this is the very definition integrated design. The skinny counter works so well to keep things from looking bulky and cumbersome and the breakfast bar for two is wonderfully romantic.

6. Back to black.

We always knew we had a little penchant for gothic styling, but this island has taken that to a whole new level! Black on black makes no bones about the fact that this is the central design element in the room and we love the authority of it! If Batman had a kitchen island, you know it would be this one!

7. Perfectly petite.

Now this is a slightly different idea! By having drawers at the side and a skinny counter jutting out, while this island is smaller than most, it is still fantastically practical. Talk about the ideal solution for bijou rooms that are crying out for extra organization!

8. Color with kapow!

When in doubt, get the colorful islands out! You wouldn't even need to have bright cabinets in order to experiment with a vibrant hue for your island, as contrast is as good as cohesion these days. Hang on, is that a polished concrete counter? Serious wow factor design, right there!

9. Brilliant and bespoke.

When all else fails, you can't ever go wrong with a one-off and totally bespoke kitchen island, designed to complement and fit your existing kitchen perfectly. The wooden design used here is unlike anything we've ever seen and is giving us some seriously cool ideas for an aesthetic of our own.

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