13 pools that are perfect for small gardens

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Have you always harbored a secret desire for a swimming pool in your garden? You might have been put off by the potential cost, or even thought that your outdoor space is too bijou to accommodate such a luxury addition, but we are here to tell you that it is more than possible for you to enjoy some wonderful water! We've found a host of utterly beguiling and beautiful small swimming pools that will fit in a garden of any size and instantly up the opulence factor, while not usurping the efforts of your landscape architect, so if you are on the cusp of being convinced, come and take a look at some pictures that will make your mind up for you!

1. Depth over width.

How charming is this pool? By choosing a deep and shapely design over something a little larger, you still get all the benefits of an outdoor water feature, without sacrificing your entire garden!

2. Perfectly hidden.

With a tall garden wall in place, this pool has all the privacy you'd need! A simple rectangular design makes great use of the available length as well.

3. Integrated sunbathing opportunities.

Now this is inspired! By including a shallow section that can easily house a sun lounger, you won't need to sacrifice even more garden for a separate seating area! The shape here makes the pool appear so much larger as well.

4. Waterfall wow-factor!

Erm… how AMAZING is this rooftop pool? Could it be any more luxurious, with a waterfall and sunbathing terrace in place? Let's not ignore the views as well! Incredible!

5. Cute in the corner.

Housing a swimming pool in a corner will allow you to still have some lawn and landscaping, even in a small garden and we think the inclusion of a raised bed here adds a really tropical vibe, as does the wall-mounted waterfall! So pretty!

6. Double-dip!

Why have one small poll, if you have space for two? A hot tub and plunge pool combination here looks wonderfully luxurious, but more than that, it also offers a great combination of warm and cool water installations.

7. All about the lighting.

This might not be a large pool, but with some incredible lighting in place, it looks nothing short of opulent! Choosing a custom shape has made the most of all available space as well, so it's perfect for a midnight dip!

8. The star of the show.

If you have a small garden, but don't consider yourself all that green-fingered, how about simply investing in a wonderful pool and removing ann the organic elements altogether? A fully decked back garden looks perfect with a sunken pool here and a sunbathing area is the icing on the cake.

9. Cordoned off creativity.

If your last stumbling block to installing a pool is a concern about children's safety, just drink in this brilliant idea! By housing the pool behind glass safety barriers, there is no risk of accidents and the garden still looks as large as possible. Poolside lighting gets our vote too!

10. A patio pool!

We never thought we'd see a pool small enough to fit on a patio, but here it is! Modest but magnificent, it is just the right size for a quick cool-down splash when you need it and adds so much style as well! What a selling point!

11. Making a splash with color.

A small pool can still be an eye-catching addition, if you customize certain elements and chief amongst the must-have personal touches is a cool inner color! The navy blue here looks SO high-end and makes sure that all eyes are on the pool!

12. Nothing more than you need.

If you're thinking that all of these pools are still a little too big for your garden, we think that this will be the solution for you! A striking corner installation looks brilliant, but also gives you that extra level of luxury that you crave, without requiring a huge financial investment.

13. Jet-powered!

In a small pool, you need to make every inch of space count and we think that high-powered water jets are an amazing way to maximize the impact of your installation. Is it a pool or is it a hot tub? It's the best of both!

For more pool inspiration, take a look at this article: A pool guide for you!

Did you spot your dream pool here?

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