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Amazing architecture? See it here first!

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Modern Living Room by AND(에이엔디) 건축사사무소 Modern
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If striking architecture is what you love looking at most, then boy, do we have a treat for you today! Located in South Korea, this property is a dramatic and eye-catching structure has been designed to draw in as much light as possible, while also allowing for an imaginative interplay of shadows. The perfect building to house a couple and their five cats, there is even more to this home than first meets the eye and no, we don't mean there are more bathrooms than bedrooms!

While this is an exciting and dynamic home, there is also a fabulous cafe, located on the ground floor. Offering the best in work and home life balance, the architects that created this building recognised that there was a need to bear in mind an extreme passion for music and acoustics, which the owners enjoy, and the result is a fully integrated and interesting space that works on a personal and professional basis. Are you intrigued? Then let's get started!

Unbelievable design aesthetic.

Can you imagine walking past a building that looks like this and NOT stopping to take a longer look? So dramatically different from everything else on the street, the curves, cladding and amazing arched entrance grab your attention and don't let go!

Such incredible angles.

Whether you love this style of architecture or not, you can't deny that it draws you in to take a closer look! Looking at it, head-on, you can't quite gauge all of the incredible facets and angles that make up this innovative façade. Just wait until you see it illuminated!

Radiating a warm aesthetic.

Can we take a minute to just ADORE the way this building looks at night? We were sold already, what with the totally unique shape, but with the building lit-up, there is a whole new appreciation developing! We find ourselves naturally gravitating towards the building, because we want to see inside… which is what we're going to do now!

Creating shadows.

From the inside, you can see just how striking these shutters really are! Geared towards creating beautiful light interplay inside, as well as valuable shade for the cafe floor, this is so much more than just a pretty building; it's a genius one!

Up to the private spheres.

GORGEOUS! It's certainly a weird dynamic to have a private home situated above a public cafe, but don't you just adore how the two spaces meet here? Having an industrial transitional area makes for a perfectly identifiable move from public to private and yet, there is so much gentle warmth radiating out!

Beautiful materials.

There's no way that you can deny that the concrete and natural wood here work perfectly together! We like to think that as you go into the private home, wood becomes the major aesthetic, but in this light-filled cafe area, we have to say that simple concrete looks AMAZING! WE wouldn't say no to having such brilliant coffee-facilities in our house either! 

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