Top 5: from 8 brilliant storage solutions to 5 gorgeous small cozy homes

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So we have reached that time of the week once again! You asked for it, you got it! Here are the best articles of the week, chosen by you. If you missed them, here is your chance to take a peek, if you have already read them, it is a great time to re-read them.

We take you through 8 brilliant storage solutions you won't have seen before to 15 simple ideas that will make your entrance look beautiful,  we pit stop at Houses: 13 houses with gorgeous front entry paths. We also give you 5 Terraces: Before and After, and finally something every one should read: Modern houses: 5 gorgeous small cozy homes.

Shall we?

1.) 8 brilliant storage solutions you won't have seen before.

Storage solutions have become ever more innovative over the years as people move into smaller and smaller spaces. Sure, we've gotten better at streamlining our lives and possessions, but the fact remains that clutter still tends to build up over time. 

Click here to see full article. 

2.) 15 simple ideas that will make your entrance look beautiful.

So many people end up simply leaving an entrance as it is, with a front door and some paving leading up to it, but this shouldn't be the case! An entrance is like the business card of your home. By adding a few details here and there, you can change the whole look and feel of this space, setting your home apart from every other home on the block. 

Take a look here

3.) Houses: 13 houses with gorgeous front entry paths.

Who has never stopped the car to look at a house? Or admire houses that you pass by daily and think that you would like to have that for yourself one day. We use real houses as references for architects, things we like and things we don't want for our project. This research and or admiration starts with the facade of the house, manicured lawns, gardens and front entrances are the appetizer to knowing any project. 

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4.) 5 Terraces: before and after.

Your terrace is your very own personal space where you can enjoy the open and fresh air with plenty of privacy. Whether it is choosing a spot to perform your yoga exercises before you start your day, or just sitting here and enjoying a warm cup of tea after a long day, this space is definitely a treasure of the house.

However, in many houses, terraces are largely ignored spaces where things are just dumped and stored. Other times, terraces are just blank spaces left empty or unattended, with dirt and moss taking over. 

Click here to see the transformations. 

5.) Modern houses: 5 gorgeous small cozy homes.

Small living is an upcoming trend that has renewed many people's excitement about buying a home. These gorgeous tiny homes are great for reducing costs but still owning your own home. Many people also think that tiny living is relegated to small apartments in the city but these days you can also apply this concept to independent buildings. 

Click here to see these small cozy gorgeous homes. 

Did your article make it to our top 5 this week? 

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