Bathroom bare essentials you can't do without

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Your bathroom is so much more than just a perfunctory space and we want you to see it in terms of a fashionable, relaxing and stylish area in your home that can have as much wow-factor as your more communal rooms. Ask any bathroom designer and they'll tell you that there are a handful of necessary touches that will instantly transform a functional room into a seriously breathtaking and beautiful space, but if you don't know what they are, have no fear, as we are going to tell you, right now! Come and take a look at our list of bathroom must-haves and then think about which items you need to add to really lift your space into the realms of designer chic!

1. Statement mirrors.

Whether you opt for dual mirrors or one really stand out version, the reflective surfaces that you select for your bathroom can make or break a luxury look! We think you should go as big as you dare, to really open up the room a little more and get the natural light flowing.

2. A fantastic shower or bath.

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Bathroom CGI Visualisation #9

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If you are in a position to install both a shower and a bath, lucky you, but if not, make sure you really go all out with your choice! In terms of showers, we think contemporary hardware and a feature wall are incredible touches and for baths, think about freestanding styles that make a big statement!

3. Heated towel rails.

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large apartment in classic style in Moscow

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Gone are the days when draping your towels over a bathroom radiator was acceptable, as there are some staggeringly stylish heated towel rails now on the market. Think of yours as an extra opportunity to inject a really eye-catching design nuance and enjoy the practicality as well!

4. Fantastic flooring.

Even if you keep the rest of your bathroom really understated and neutral, you really need to think about choosing a flooring design that blows your guests away! We think a monochrome patterned style is always a great bet and will look forever timeless, striking and upmarket!

5. Practical storage.

Naturally, you need a lot of storage in your bathroom, just as with any other room in the house, but you don't have to opt for furniture that is devoid of style! Modern floating vanity units are the perfect stash spot for spare toilet rolls, clean towels and handy toiletries and they look BRILLIANT too!

For more gorgeous bathroom ideas, take a look at this article: Luxury bathroom designs to inspire your own!

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