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Cool closets you won't want to keep hidden

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If you've ever thought that your wardrobe or closet isn't really something to worry about or focus on, as it's just a functional space, you really need to see the incredible examples that we've found for you today! Not only will the y inspire you to get a little more creative with your clothes storage, they will also make you think more carefully about all of your other practical areas as well and that can't be a bad thing! Whether you have an entire spare room ready to convert into a fabulous walk-in closet or simply have some space in your bedroom, you will find an amazing idea to poach, right here, so let's tip our caps to the fantastic interior designers that selected these storage solutions and then get ready to try and copy them!

1. Suits you sir!

Wow! If you have a professional job, you need to look your best, which is why your closet needs to be specifically tailored to the styles of clothing you wear most often. Here, we see inspired hanging rails that are the perfect height for suit separates, as well as storage cubbys that are ideal for accessories and there's even a tie rail! We love the extra touch of some seating and a little softness with an area rug too. Talk about a dream closet!

2. Practical solutions.

Light, bright and so natural, this walk-in wardrobe is utterly charming! You could even split it into separate walls for each person that needs to use it! It's inspiring to see formerly dead attic space being put to such great use as well and we are seriously thinking about a conversion project now, if we could end up with something similar!

3. This is a wonder-wall!

Imagine this closet being a feature wall in an already stylish and sumptuous bedroom. Wouldn't it just be the ideal finishing touch? With an open-front design, you'd have to be on top of your tidiness, but we actually think that your clothing and accessories would make for a charming aesthetic and the use of dark wood has made the whole system look so high-end and enigmatic. 

4. A little retro injection.

Here we have another charming dark wood closet wall installation, but there is an extra inclusion that is really catching our eye and that's the central vintage haberdashery cabinet! The perfect space for storing accessories and, potentially, your more expensive jumpers that you'd rather weren't eaten by moths, the cabinet offers such a unique and personal aesthetic. Who doesn't love a vintage touch?

5. Crystal clear closet.

If you like the look of an open-front closet, but it doesn't seem like the most practical idea for you, how about this as a compromise? Installing clear glass doors maintains that beautiful open aesthetic, but still protects your clothes and actually, adds a really modern vibe as well. We are a little in love with the lighting too… what a luxurious touch!

6. Sleek and simple.

Now THIS closet enjoys the best of every world. Not only is it perfectly geared towards easy organization and crafted from the best materials, it can also be totally hidden away, when you want a really neat and seamless bedroom finish! Filled with innovative storage solutions, it doesn't skimp on the details and with smooth sliding doors, it's a doddle to use!

7. Barely there and beautiful.

Sometimes, you want your storage to almost melt into the background and not shout look at me, which is when a closet such as this one is the perfect idea! Stretching from floor to ceiling, the cabinets absolutely maximize the organization potential and the gloss doors help to reflect natural light around the room and while the finished look is simple and understated, we think the elegance really shines through.

8. Perfect personalization.

Isn't this closet just the perfect representation of how personal and custom you can go with your design? Built around an awkward shape, any and all dead space has been put to much better use, with a really unique and bespoke installation and finished in white, it looks bright and understated. The top cabinets would be incredible for seasonal clothing storage! 

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Which of these closets really inspired you to think about something a little different?
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