15 spectacular bedrooms decor ideas

Leigh Leigh
Derya Bilgen Modern Bedroom
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Your bedroom is your haven. It is a space that should reflect your tastes and joys in life, as well as the characteristics of who you are. 

So how can we achieve this with design, colour, style and furniture?

Today on homify, we are going to find out!

1. Dressed wood

Ideal for those who live in studio apartments, this bedroom is connected to the living space. However, the arrangement of furniture separates spaces flawlessly. 

2. Perfect balance

The symmetry of this room reflects the perfection of interior design and decor. The contrast between dark and clear tones creates a stunning symbiosis.

3. Extreme sophistication

The large piece of artwork injects this space with personality while the neutral tones create a modern and sophisticated environment.

4. Classic beauty

A great idea for a small room with little light is to incorporate a mirror, which will reflect the natural light that flows into the room. This will create the feeling of space and a bright atmosphere!

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5. Vintage charm

If you don't know what to do with those old door or window frames, why not recycle them for decor and design? Use paint, sandpaper and polish to create an antique look and feel.

6. Impressive

For lovers of landscapes, why not transport your bedroom to a different place? Use wallpaper or artwork to change the environment completely!

7. Fabulous view

Who doesn't like to wake up to a beautiful view of the city or the surrounds?

Use glass to connect your bedroom to the exterior space! Simple and effective…

8. Innovative

Modern style cannot exist without innovation. Here we can see how this translates perfectly into a bedroom design in the form of sleek, modern and industrial chic lampshades. 

9. Reflections

dev's bedroom homify BedroomBeds & headboards Glass

dev's bedroom


This bedroom features a multi-coloured and semi-transparent glass wall that divides it from the rest of the house. This is a wonderful example, once again, of innovation at play.

10. Modern and elegant

The romantic and elegant touches in this bedroom show how functionality and charm work hand in hand. Don't you love the family photographs on the wall?

11. Surprising

Annecy Hand Painted Bedroom Furniture Corndell Quality Furniture BedroomBeds & headboards Wood Grey
Corndell Quality Furniture

Annecy Hand Painted Bedroom Furniture

Corndell Quality Furniture

The combination of colours and details in this bedroom show how classic style and modern design can come together. The use of white throughout harmonizes the space.

12. Black and white

If you prefer a more daring design, use strong contrasting colours like black and white. Add wood for a touch of warmth!

13. Minimalist

Sometimes the best option is a simple bedroom with clean lines and a less is more approach. The stone wall inserts a little rustic touch.

14. Between rustic and modern

If you're a fan of rustic style but like a touch of modern design, then this Bohemian design would be perfect for you. 

15. Incorporate your hobbies

When something is part of your personality such as a musical instrument or a bicycle, why not incorporate it into your bedroom design?

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