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When we are young, we all dream of having a house with a large garden, where we can play and have fun. However, as we grow older, we realize that not only the garden, but also the rooms need to increase in size. When the time comes for searching for a new home, often we need to make our dreams fit into a smaller space, and this seems impossible.

The living room and the kitchen are the rooms that we always wish were larger, but in reality, we need to scale down our dreams. All a perfect TV room needs is space where we can sit in a comfortable sofa or lounger to relax and let our worries fade away between its cushions. It should also be a space that we can share with someone else surrounded by soft cushions and comfort. To achieve this, we do not need many square feet, just the right furniture.

​1. With only the basic elements

The only thing you need for spending a weekend relaxing is a comfortable sofa, a TV and an excellent snack. With this simple design, you'll have all that and an extra shelf to place the DVD, X-Box or the consoles you need.

2. Exact and practical designs

Repetition of figures, or patterns, helps your space look more balanced and organized. In this image, all the furniture is rectangular, which helps to extend the design throughout the available space, without stacking objects.

3. A dazzling design

Elegance is the best way to dress any space, and in a small area, it’s easy to achieve. You just need a clean design, with light colors and a special touch added by brightness and textures to make it even more glamorous, like the room in this image.

4. The perfect chair

When we have small rooms, furniture becomes an ally for the decoration and division of spaces. In such cases, the most recommended pieces are armchairs or futon-style sofas with seating for three, so you can use them to create dividing lines between the areas, without adding walls.

5. Multi-purpose furniture

Practicality is the key to success in small spaces. Built-in furniture is excellent for getting things in order and for storage, although if you prefer, you can also use thin modular units with drawers and cabinets as well as open shelves so that you don’t have to fix nails and spoil the walls.

6. Neat space

A neat room looks spacious. Don’t mess up the design with too many small objects or unnecessary accessories. It’s better to use furniture or textiles to improve the image, but without crowding or cluttering the space.

7. With a fireplace included

Small spaces do not mean the end of the world. We just need to scale the designs we like and adapt them to the area we have. An intelligent solution is, for example, a wooden panel that houses your TV, and a fireplace!

8. Precision

The design of this room is well-integrated by placing each element in a precise location. Thus, the design extends throughout the room to decorate it without having to add anything else.

9. Industrial style

A secret to making your room look eye-catching is to place a very flashy element in the room, and let the rest of the accessories work as complements. In this case, the chair takes the leading role in design and comfort.

10. Flashes of light

On the other hand, if you want to keep the decor elegant and discreet, do not forget to add a brilliant detail that makes your design look more interesting.

11. Useful walls

Walls not only serve to separate rooms, but also can function as furniture. Alternatively, you can use furniture to create walls.

12. A natural space

Natural materials help to make your design look cooler and more welcoming. Moreover, if you complement it with some floral details or small pots, your room will become your favorite space.

13. A TV for two rooms

What do you think of this ingenious idea with a rotating base that allows you to have the television in two rooms? You can enjoy watching programs while you cook, or from the comfort of a sofa.

14. Rustic style

What makes this room look amazing is a small but very special detail: a wicker table with a pot. It’s so simple, but it fills the place with a rustic look.

15. All-in-one

If you have only a little space, but the height of your room is considerable, then you can take advantage of the high ceiling and convert your room into a classy and elegant library or study.

16. A corner for distraction

Your room is the perfect refuge to enjoy free time and forget about everything else. With an integrated design like this, you'll spend many afternoons filled with fun and entertainment.

17. Modern

This room does not have expensive furniture or accessories. A simple design with a sofa with a lot of personality would seem quite ordinary, but it becomes the most amazing room thanks to a neon sign.

18. Take advantage of the space under the stairs

If you think you do not have enough space, it's probably because you've neglected some dead space. Remember that everything is a part of the house, and every corner can be used to make the home perfect.

19. Another entertainment option

Another excellent option to make your room your favorite corner, is to combine the bookcase with the TV furniture so you can have everything in one space.

If you are looking for inspiration for placing the television in your living room, see this ideabook.

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