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Modern storage ideas for bathrooms

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Bathroom storage can be a tricky thing to get right, but there are so many chic modern ideas that make the most practical parts of your design amazingly beautiful, as well as handy! Ask any bathroom designer and they'll tell you that you absolutely NEED a fair amount of storage in your space, as there are a lot of items to store within easy reach, but you don't have to prioritize practicality at the detriment of gorgeous aesthetics! If you can't picture a way to make drawers, inset shelving and cupboards look dynamic and cool, come with us now and see some fabulous examples for yourself!

1. Floating storage pieces can maximize the floor space SO well!

2. Bespoke drawer divides are ideal for keeping accessories organized.

3. A mix of closed and open storage is ideal for hiding certain items and keeping others to hand.

4. The modular look here is so contemporary and has a gorgeous flow on the wall.

5. Open shelving is perfect for displaying pretty toiletries and bathroom accessories that are on-theme.

6. Storage furniture, spread around the room, will keep everything where you need it the most!

7. Inset wall shelves look modern and take advantage of dead space too.

8. Color-coding your storage to the wall it is mounted on offers beautiful contemporary camouflage!

9. To add an accent hue into the mix, your storage is a brilliant option! Don't be afraid to go for a medley of shades!

10. Modern bathroom storage really needs to be a mix of cupboard, drawer and shelf space!

11. A floating storage locker is perfect for small patches of wall space and creating sleek modern lines.

12. We officially NEED drawer dividers this comprehensive! A tissue box is an inspired addition!

13. Talk about solving the age-old issue of how and where to store your towels! On color-coded shelves, of course!

14. A mirrored bathroom cabinet isn't a new invention, but amazing lighting will make a modern statement!

15. Handleless and soft-close bathroom cabinets bring so much modern convenience!

16. Don't forget to consider deep drawers, as some toiletries come in very tall bottles!

17. For a fresh feel, floating white storage drawers and cabinets are a timeless, yet modern, choice.

18. Pale wooden storage cabinets give you the natural look you want, combined with the contemporary chic you crave!

19. Contrasting drawer interiors are a lovely way to give your storage a little more character and depth!

20. Wow! The bath-side storage here is our new favorite thing! So sleek and handy!

20. Don't overlook those skinny wall recesses, as modern shelving will be able to make them 100 times more useful!

For a little more bathroom inspiration, take a look at this article: Luxury bathroom designs to inspire your own!

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