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We understand that as soon as you hear the word 'monochrome', instantly, your mind is filled with images of plain and understated homes, but this one is a little different! The interior designer that curated this simply staggering property obviously wanted to take a sidestep to avoid the pitfall of using white, gray and black in a boring or standard way and we think you'll be really impressed with how they did it! Every room has a focus on amazing patterns and textures that lift the monochrome styling to new levels of chic and you really are going to find the overall effect tantalizing! let's take a look!

Dine out on this!

Those chairs! Don't get us wrong; even with plain chairs in place, this dining room would have looked utterly lovely, but the bold choice of upholstery has just blown everything out of the water! because they are so eye-catching, little else on the form of decoration is needed too!

Super with stripes.

A cream chair is perfectly aligned with the monochrome styling, but it could have been a tiny bit too plain, which is why a lovely striped lumbar cushion has been added!  Check out the painted brick wall and glass safety rail in the background too! So contemporary!

Bold in the bedroom.

No, we're not commenting on the activities carried out in here, but the choice of some seriously beautiful and vividly patterned bed linen!  With such understated walls and furniture in place, it makes sense to use the textiles to inject a little life and just think; this look can change every week, as covers are thrown into the wash!

Mosaics on a mini scale!

Can you believe that the walls here have been covered in ultra small mosaic tiles? What a staggering injection of luxurious glitz! Combined with a chunky marble countertop, there is a seriously eclectic and funky aesthetic going on here. Those soap caddies are something else too!

Cut some of this rug!

Don't misunderstand us here; we are obviously flabbergasted by the gigantic mirror, polished accessories and wonderful black furniture in this room, but we have to bring your focus back to that AMAZING chevron rug! the perfect way to add some zing, without straying from the string color scheme, we love the way the chevrons don't even clash with the dining chair fabric!

Taken down a notch.

Naturally, you don't want a bedroom that is so striking, eye-catching and engaging that you never quite get to sleep in it, which is why a couple of subtle pattern interjections was all that was needed here! Muted tones, dark furniture and just a smattering of patterned throw pillows are the perfect blended aesthetic that draws inspiration from the wider house.

Simple but still striking.

How simple it would have been to add smooth plaster to the walls in this hallway, but instead, exposed bricks have been painted a dramatic black and a statement staircase has been added in, for good measure. By keeping a little texture, there is still a nuance of pattern and interest and we never thought we'd say that about a black wall!

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Is monochrome a little more exciting to you now?

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