8 clever mini bar ideas!

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Many a times, space becomes a limiting factor while designing the layout of functional spaces. And that makes it all the more important to smartly plan out the different functional areas so as to fill them with visually appealing utility within the limited dimensions. Integrated functional spaces, multifaceted rooms with space maximization and small sized practical areas are the smart & stylish answers to the problem of space crunch in a small dwelling.

Today, homify brings to you 8 fantastic ideas for mini bars, particularly useful for those homes where wine cellar cannot be fitted in due to a paucity of space. These mini bars, conveying different styles like industrial, eclectic, minimalist, modern, etc., reveal a thoughtful concept and its tasteful execution replete with desired functional finesse. Home professionals like kitchen planners and others can be roped in to create a mini bar in a small nook of the kitchen, or to design a bar cabinet that can occupy a part of the living room/ hung as a vertical element on the kitchen wall.

Have a look at these 8 ideas & make an inspired choice for your own mini bar!

1. Upcycled minimalism nails it here.

2. Compact woody goodness with the high of innovation.

3. Spirit of modernity in eclectic poise.

4. Graceful gloss conceals firewater surprise.

5. Elm elegance houses spirited style.

6. Game for an industrial high?

7. Engineered wood hails the spirit of versatility.

8. How about this mini bar?

Where do you plan to put in yours?

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