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Decorating a home with furniture, furnishings & decor is something for which, room decorators & interior designers generally advise an aesthetic balance between the simple & embellished elements. Whatever be the style- rustic, modern, minimalist or colonial, a restraint is often practiced for that tasteful look. Chic sophistication & classic elegance are uncontested winners, be it the living room, kitchen, bedroom or hallway. However, it need not always be so. We, at homify, always believe that the fun lies in being different- something quirky, cute or even bizarre at times! And this is what today’s homify story is all about.

Today we are going to take a look at some wonderful examples of furniture, furnishings & decor that have one thing in common- a girlish cuteness… .YES, IT IS FULL ON VOGUISH! In these 11 examples, you will note how the different elements have a cute appearance & mostly a small size and are dolled up in soft hues often associated with young girls, that make them even more adorable.

Have a look and take your time gushing at the cuteness overload as you read on!

1. Chaired in colors of heartiness or bookcase decoration loaded with personality- take your pick!

2. Modernity in shades of pink nails the look.

3. In bits “n” pieces, here & there, the soft touch pimps it up.

4. Stylish cuteness in tropical jazz.

5. Undeniably lovable.

6. Timeless girlish charm.

7. Delightfully modish.

8. Delicate essence of innocence.

9. Refreshing radiant poise with girly softness.

10. Soothing notes of an appealing melody- the endearing shades say it all!

11. Fluid grace is easy on the eyes.

Are you ready to enhance the cuteness quotient of your cozy spaces?

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